Introducing More Post-Ac Experts–Joe Fruscione and Stephanie Day

Joe Fruscione

Joe FruscioneJoseph Fruscione  is reinventing himself as a freelance copyeditor, proofreader, and writing consultant. He’s handled several editing projects in the last few months, including: a scholarly book manuscript; nonprofit organization’s proposal in response to a government RFP; two Master’s theses; and a part-memoir, part-leadership book project. Yet, he’s still finding his way through post-ac and the private sector. He is currently in his last semester as an adjunct assistant professor in the University Writing Program at George Washington University.   Joe has worked with Jennifer Polk and others in writing about the post-ac job search, self-marketing, and (in Chris Humphrey’s phrase) being “A professional _____ with a PhD.”  He has a PhD in English (George Washington University, 2005) and has published a book, written several articles and reviews, and presented at numerous conferences and the Library of Congress.  Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter (@ProfessorF74).

As our “post-ac expert in training,” Joe’s preliminary list of blog posts is as follows:

*When Do You Decide to Go Post-Ac, and (How) Do You Blog About it?

*What Does a Former Academic ‘Do’ Outside Academia (and how can you do more of it)?

*Using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Media Platforms for Outreach

*Interviews–Informational and Otherwise

Stephanie Day

Stephanie DayStephanie Day is an anthropologist who now works as an educational consultant and sales strategist at ed-tech company Scantron.  Specializing in web-based assessment and analytic software, her specific brand of pre-sales expertise draws heavily on her background in anthropology and ethnographic research to soak up, synthesize and produce knowledge to translate even the most complex products into accessible, accurate and compelling solutions for educators. Trained at Brandeis, and a self-proclaimed “corporate anthropologist”, Stephanie aims to understand the collision between education and technology, discover new insights out of old ways, and help organizations use qualitative data to transform decision-making.  When not working out of her home or traveling to meet with school districts across the country, Stephanie can be found kicking back and enjoying Pacific Northwest life with her husband, two cats, four chickens and new Leonberger puppy.  Find her on Twitter @anthrolander.

Stephanie’s blog posts:

Cutting Bait on Academe

I Made Myself Indispensable

The Pros and Cons, Ups and Downs, of a Corporate Day

How to Translate Your Skills

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