We Don’t Need Your New Perspective

If you have the words “a new perspective” in any of your job documents, get rid of it.

It’s the tritest and most hackneyed of all job document language (that is not in the hyper-emotional-passion vein.)

Who is not doing something from a new perspective? How would you have gotten a Ph.D. otherwise?

This is the problem of meso-level specificity. You think you’re being specific, but it’s just another kind of vague.

Instead of telling us you bring a “new perspective,” tell us what the damned perspective IS!

“New” is just another (stealth) cheap adjective. The kind I talk about in This Christmas, Don’t Be Cheap.

Think, people.  If anyone can say it, it’s meaningless.

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We Don’t Need Your New Perspective — 7 Comments

  1. Talk about strange things happening! Just about 10 minutes ago I wrote about my ‘new perspective’ and I pick up my iPad and thi entry shows up in my news feed. Wow, now that i’ve read through it I realize its back to the drawing board tomorrow. Thanks Karen for what u do.

  2. What if the objective of the research is to develop important and and innovative technologies? Then how do we mention them without being cheap.

    Again, thank for your advice


    • You need to describe the technologies and their uses/impacts, without reliance on pointless adjectives. Also read my posts, This Christmas Don’t Be Cheap, and Adjectives Are Not Arguments.

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