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by Kellee Weinhold

Kellee Weinhold is the TPII expert in charge of live Skype Interview Interventions, Job Talk Interventions, Campus Visit Interventions, the UNSTUCK writing coaching program, and technology.


It’s that time in the Academic Life Cycle when attention turns from cover letters and research statements to productivity and all its attendant anxieties:  Why do I procrastinate?  What should I work on first to move myself forward? How do I manage all of the other demands on my time and still get my work published? What do I do when I simply cannot make myself sit down and write?

To help you answer those questions, we are introducing several new opportunities for you to get face-to-face answers and support.  We get a lot of requests for one-on-one coaching.  Last year, we responded to the demand for writing support with UNSTUCK: From Stalled to Submitted: A 12 week course that was ostensibly designed to walk clients through the writing and submission of a journal article. In reality, while participants worked on everything from dissertation chapters to journal articles to tenure documents to book chapters, what they really tackled was their own procrastination and isolation.

Here is a brief testimonial from last summer’s session:

“UNSTUCK completely rewired my physical and emotional approach to writing.  It taught me how to set-up an everyday practice that in the long-term will allow me to reach my writing goals without the guilt and drama that used to surround writing for me, and this in itself is a miracle.  It is the single best investment I could have made to teach myself the tools I need to attain tenure.”

To build on the success of UNSTUCK, starting immediately, I will be offering one-on-one coaching with everything from one-time strategy sessions to ongoing intensive support.


Let’s Talk (50 minutes) $250

A 50-minute Skype conversation covering the topic(s) of your choice regarding productivity. Let me help you get out of your own way and get published!  Book your appointment here.

Academic Life Reboot Strategy Session (90 minutes) $350

Session includes assessment of current challenges, including identification of what’s got you stuck; strategies for overcoming those barriers, organizational and accountability tools and personalized goal achievement plan. Book your appointment here.

Writing Project Planning Strategy Session (90 minutes) $350

Session includes assessment of specific project components and projected timelines to completion (based on hard deadline); identification of real and imagined roadblocks; strategies for daily productivity with motivational tips, and complete project timeline with weekly goals. Book your appointment here.

For those who want more, I will also offer PLATINUM LEVEL UNSTUCK COACHING  PACKAGES

Maintaining a productive publishing trajectory in the face of the demands of an academic life is an ongoing challenge for many junior faculty. Improving your productivity with personalized support and guidance will decrease your stress, help you get your work submitted faster and move you one step closer to tenure. Contact me, Kellee at to arrange, ask questions, and learn more:

UNSTUCK Platinum Consulting packages can cover many areas, including:

  • Procrastination
  • Time Management
  • Teaching Demands
  • Over-Scheduling
  • Negative Self-talk
  • Prioritization, etc.
  • Workflow Improvement
  • Project Management

UNSTUCK PLATINUM30 – 30 days ($950)

You are feeling bogged down or overwhelmed and you want to get on track and move forward NOW. After an initial session examining what you have in place, we will identify what area(s) you want to kick start and make a clear plan to get you there.

Three (3) 50-minute coaching calls over 30 days focusing on goals established in an initial 30-minute strengths and weaknesses assessment, personalized writing plan (including specific assignments) to move you forward, daily accountability check-ins and email support.

UNSTUCK PLATINUM3 – 3 Month ($1,650/$550 month)

You are near the end of a project (and perhaps have been stuck there for a very long time), and you are facing a critical deadline. No more time to procrastinate. You need to get this project finished and need someone to hold your feet to the fire to make it happen.

Six (6) 50-minute coaching calls over 3 months, plus initial strengths and weaknesses assessment, personalized writing plan, daily accountability check-ins and email support.

UNSTUCK PLATINUM6 – 6 Month ($3,150/$525 month)

You are at a critical point in your academic career and need to make the most of the next six months. You are ready to face your own self-sabotage, identify how YOU work best and create a realistic, personal strategy for success.

Twelve (12) 50-minute coaching calls over 6 months, plus initial strengths and weaknesses assessment, personalized writing plan, daily task management, weekly accountability check-ins and email support.

UNSTUCK PLATINUM12  – 12 Month ($6,000/$500 month)

You are at a turning point in your academic career and need to make the most of the next year. You need to establish better writing habits, learn what is keeping you from doing what you know needs to be done, talk through your ideas and have someone hold you accountable.

Twenty-four (24) 50-minute coaching calls over 12 months, plus an initial 30 minute strengths and weaknesses assessment, weekly motivational emails with productivity tips, bi-weekly accountability check-ins (between skype meetings), personalized productivity plan and email support.

Email me, Kellee, at to learn more or sign up!


Finally, before I sign off, a look ahead:  Starting June 1st, UNSTUCK will be available as a 12-module, on-line course with weekly Q&A sessions for all participants. As with the course last summer, participants will receive daily emails with tips and encouragement. You will also have access to a membership forum to share frustrations, successes and encouragement. This is a self-paced course that you can access based on your schedule.  Stay tuned for more info on this new on-line version!

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