#MakeupMonday: Introducing Sailor-J, the Beauty Blogger U Need When Ur Exposing Sexual Harassment in the Academy

This week I launched the Sexual Harassment in the Academy Crowdsource Survey and 600+ entries into it, I am just a little…ummm…





Professor Friend: I hate people
Did I ever tell you that my boyfriend told me that he found out a few years ago that female students in his department keep a list of “safe” male professors?

Not a list of unsafe or predatory ones — but a list of “safe” ones

Like unsafe is the default

KK: Wow that is terrible

Professor Friend: I know right??
Somehow it was more upsetting than if he had said it was a list of “bad” faculty tho that still would have been upsetting
I asked him if it was a list of profs who didn’t harass women and he said not only that but also profs who wouldn’t as he put it “act bro-ey” and make women uncomfortable in any way.

And that is really the default isn’t it.

KK: Yes
Bag o dicks
Box o dicks

Professor Friend: Yes
Bowl of dicks

KK: Bucket o dicks

Professor Friend: Bidet of dicks

KK: Basket o dicks

Professor Friend: You beat me! I was going to say basket!!!!

Professor Friend:  Bundle of dicks
What’s a term of venery for dicks?

KK: That I don’t know

Professor Friend: A meta-dick? Since toxic masculinity is fractal?

KK: Ur-dick ?

Professor Friend: Yes!
One dick to rule them all, one dick to bind them

KK:  Hahahahahaha!!!!
Ask not what your dick can do for you but what you can do for your dick.
Give me dick or give me death!

Professor Friend:  Hahahahaha
Because I could not stop for dick it kindly stopped for me

KK:  Hahaha!!!!

Professor Friend: Dance like no one is watching, love like it’s never going to hurt and work towards your PhD like academia isn’t a giant shitbowl of dicks

KK:  I wonder if I should put this on the blog. The whole thread.

Professor Friend: I don’t know! It’s kind of cathartic — but will it detract from the gravitas?

KK:  After this fucking survey do I care?

And so for Makeup Monday I leave you in the hands of Sailor J, the beauty blogger we all need today.

As she informs us, “Since it’s simply for the dick, we have to do it.”

And remember: “So long as you look like a newborn baby, men are willing to mate with you.”

(Find more Sailor J here: Twitter: @_xjjsmithx_ Insta: xx_jjsmith_xx )

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#MakeupMonday: Introducing Sailor-J, the Beauty Blogger U Need When Ur Exposing Sexual Harassment in the Academy — 6 Comments

  1. I am 0% surprised that female students have kept a list (& frankly, have thought of doing the same thing, but for minority-friendly professors). As a doctoral student in behavioral sciences at a predominantly white research-intensive institution in a red Midwestern state who is a het+cis female minority, my friends and I often talk about who is sexist/misogynistic, who has a history of being inappropriate with females, who “gets it” re: diversity + inclusivity or at the very least tries to be an ally, who is racist or thinks they’re not racist but really is (I mean, we’re ALL a little racist – but there are those of us that acknowledge we hold implicit biases and try to dismantle them!), etc. These conversations shape who we study under or with whom we pursue research experience. I don’t see the need for these types of lists going away anytime soon – as long as researchers are senior enough/bring in enough $ or prestige to the university, there is VERY little to no chance of them going away.

  2. Just tried to look up sailor j on Twitter – but under @_xjjsmithx_ there’s a porn ad account ?!?
    Her new Twitter is @SlaylerJ !

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