#MakeupMonday: I Got Carded Yesterday

I got carded yesterday.  So, that happened.  Thank you, Sabbatical Beauty!  You get ALL the credit.

I’ve posted before about the SB products I use in this post: Skin Care as Coping Mechanism and Catalyst.

Here is the list again:

Sabbatical Beauty products that I use daily, as part of the multi-step Korean-beauty-inspired regimen (which I learned about from years in Japan as well):

  • Goat Milk and Rice Cleanser (day and night)
  • Dorian Gray Anti-Aging Serum (day)
  • Asian Powerhouse Serum (day)
  • Marine Serum (day)
  • Camel Milk Moisturizing Cream (day) [This summer I’m trying out Donkey Milk Cream]
  • Sleeping Beauty Oil (night)
  • Sake and Rice Sleeping Mask (night)
  • Sake Kasu Mask (bi-weekly)

(and full disclosure: I’ve recently upgraded my eye products [to deal with extreme eye area crepiness] from my previous TJ Maxx products to the v. expensive Perricone Cold Plasma + Eye product series because some wrinkles need SCIENCE, lol. And I also use pretty regular wonderful and cheap under-eye masks by SpaLife and Grace & Stella).

I still have tons of wrinkles —  and think the guy carding me was undoubtedly high, because, come on — but skin care plus really great makeup products sure have made a difference. Look:



Even my neck seems to be aging backwards!  But it’s my eyes where you can really see a difference. (I never use filters btw).

I think one important thing about anti-aging makeup is not to overdo it, because sadly heavy-handed makeup is really aging to middle-aged faces – instead of covering up the wrinkles, it just settles into them.  A dewy, light foundation seems, after much trial and error, to be key.That’s why I love Becca so much. But this BareMinerals leftover holiday combo pack I found really cheap at TJ Maxx (that I mentioned a few weeks because it contained a blush I’d wanted to try) also happened to include a sample of the Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer.  I was so impressed with that product that I’m actually switching to it for summer, because in addition to being incredibly light and dewy and minimalistic, it also contains a physical (non-chemical; ie, titanium dioxide) sunscreen.  I’m allergic to chemical sunscreens so this is a real win for me.  I was wearing it yesterday, so….  I still love my Becca, but this really appeals for summer.

Anyway, that’s the report for this week!  Next week I’m going to tell you about my contouring experiments.  It’s been good. Expensive, but good.  There are WAY too many bad contouring products out there…. I’m spending a lot of time running back and forth returning disappointing products….

Nobody posted a photo or video on FB last week, as requested, so there is no winner of the de-stashing box o’ samples this week — 🙁  I guess asking for pictures is asking a bit too much for the Professor Is In readership!

So let’s go back to just commenting!   Share your thoughts, comments, links, etc. on anti-aging skin care and makeup on Facebook, and I’ll randomly select one commenter for a box of unused or almost unused samples from my stash — brands including Hourglass, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Tarte, etc. etc.

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  1. SB’s eye products are pretty magical too. I use anti-aging eye gel oil at night and bright eyes in the day and my dark circles are significantly faded

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