#MakeupMonday: A Complete Look From Start to Finish

1) Illuminating primer (LW; Becca)

The biggest thing I’ve learned in makeup as a middle-aged person is that skillful application and satisfying outcomes require a lot of small, incremental steps, rather than a few dramatic splashes. I’ve learned this both from watching Youtube videos, and from my own trial and error (mostly the latter). The fact is, to get a really excellent outcome, you have to build up through almost imperceptible stages; only when you compare the before and after is the true transformation visible.

2) Undereye primer (LW; Becca) and foundation (Becca AquaLuminous)

I thought I’d share that today, by sharing one complete process. This is a more “made up” look for an event or appearance, although even then I use very sheer coverage foundation and no concealers, because I dislike anything cakey or overly “covered”-looking. My freckles stay visible! Start to finish, about 30 minutes. My more daily looks skip a few steps like undereye primer, highlighter and finishing powder, and take about 15 minutes. As always, no filters! I’m happy to answer questions about the products–please put them on FB (see below).

One thing about my process is that several products are totally invisible, and exist only to boost functionality–in my case, extreme long-wear, which is my number one makeup criterion. I will mark those products with “(LW).” Because of primers and finishers (and the LW products I exclusively use), my makeup doesn’t budge even in a 12 hour day.

And remember: Comment substantively on the FB thread to be included in a drawing for a packet of samples! Because of my savvy online shopping skillz, all of my orders come with at least 3 and usually 5 or more samples. I generally pass these right along to you, my faithful reader-commenters! Just leave a comment on FB and I’ll pick someone at random next Monday.  (And, sorry I forgot my Makeup Monday post last week!  We were visiting my son at his residential program in Utah and I was completely occupied. It was a wonderful visit! 🙂  )

3) Foundation blended, eyelid primer (LW; Tarte ShapeTape) applied

4) Contouring applied (nose, cheeks, jawline; Kevin Aucoin)

5) Contouring blended

6) Eyeshadow (3 shades; Smashbox PhotoOp Palette) [weird face from checking shadow symmetry!]

7) Eyeliner (Smashbox PhotoOp), lash primer (LW; Clinique), mascara (Eyeko Sport)

8) Blush (while “making cheeks”; Hourglass Ambient Blush in Mood Exposure – also a new holy grail item)

9) Brows (Beauty Bakerie)

11) Finishing Powder (LW; Becca HydraMist-I’m a new convert!*)

12) Lipcolor (Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Syruptitious)

13) Blush top-off, highlighter (YSL Touche Eclat under eyes and around mouth) [ignore shift in color tone]

14) Final blend, setting spray (LW; NYX in Dewy) and…earrings!

15) Hair fixed (Keune Blend Volume Powder and American Crew Fiber) [overhead light turned off on way out]

16) Pleased with results 🙂

Remember “Before”!

Out in my usual living room selfie location (for comparison)

*Becca Hydra-Mist Set and Refresh Powder. This is a new holy grail product for me. It’s getting a whole post. So is my to-die-for blush, the outcome of a full two years of searching (not kidding): Hourglass Ambient in Mood Exposure.

**Happy to share hair product info if you’re interested. LMK.  OK–added.

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