#MakeupMonday: Trying New Colors

Today marks the start of my summer vacation season (don’t worry–editing and negotiating help continues!) so I’ll be brief.

I tried out a plum lipcolor for the first time ever, and I’m in love. I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. As always with new directions, I go cheap before I commit to expensive, so this is Maybelline Super-Stay 24 Liquid Lipstick in Unlimited Raisin.  (They also make a shade they actually call “plum” but that’s a true purple which is not something I want).  Naturally it’s ultra-long-wear. By no means the 24 hour wear they claim, but a solid 5-6 hour for sure.  I am not a huge fan of the product range overall–the majority have shimmer/glitter that seems out of date to me in this matte-centric world, and like many drugstore brands, many of the shades look cheap to me. But Unlimited Raisin is a winner! And look how it lasted through dance!

In a way it’s kind of surprising I haven’t tried plums before, because with my love of cool-blue toned makeup of all kinds, this would seem like an obvious choice. But, it’s taken me a long time to work up to really deep lipstick shades. I’ve been so self-conscious! I keep defaulting to rose and neutrals.

But, I’m there now!  I am now all about the bold lipcolors!  Can’t wait to share my experiments with you.

more plum than this looks

And that reminds me – one of the two current holy grail items I mentioned last week is ALSO a plum shade. It’s my new blush, the blush of my dreams, the blush that is truly worth the two years it took to find it – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure.

how subtle is this blush?!

What’s nice about the Hourglass is you can get it in a travel size for $22 before you commit (and of course Sephora takes returns as does Hourglass itself). I can’t say enough about how subtle it is, how superbly natural, how delicately illuminating without any obvious shimmer or glitter, and of course–how great this sheer plum tone is for someone with cool-toned skin. —>


In other news, my daughter and I got summer mani-pedis this past weekend. And after years of resisting the siren-song of sparkly gel polish, I finally gave in. I got a gold sparkle manicure!  It glitters in the sun!

You might be surprised I got gold, but it’s actually a silvery gold – they tried to convince me on a range of yellow-golds, but I said no.

Like a magpie I cannot resist a shiny object and now I’m entranced by my own fingernails! Miyako got a beautiful salmon, just right for her work as a summer intern in our beloved Senator Ron Wyden’s office. (He and Jeff Merkeley are doing God’s work in our current migrant detention crisis. I’m proud of Miyako for supporting it. She told me never in her months of work there [she interned last summer as well] has she found that every single caller without exception speaking with a single voice: stop the family separation.)


Congrats to Vicki Hoskins, Ph.D. student in Theater and Performance Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, winner of the random weekly sample giveaway! She and I share a Pittsburgh-UIUC trajectory! (name shared with permission)

Remember to comment substantively on Facebook to this post about any topic at all related to makeup  – with thoughts, selfies, links, comments, opinions, etc. etc and I’ll put you in a random drawing for next week’s giveaway.



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