#MakeupMonday: Travelling

I’m on a 2.5 week trip East just now that includes Philly for the ASA, then the Jersey Shore with family, then Washington DC for the #KremlinAnnex protest, then Pittsburgh to see my Mom, then NYC for a talk at an Association for Jewish Studies event, then on to Salt Lake City to see my son. Kellee is with me for about most of it. I’m writing this from NYC, where sadly I’m sick in bed with a new cold, setting me back from my mono recovery…  Kellee says Twitter kills my immune system.

So today, just some random pics and thoughts.

First, this awesome makeup travel hack: turn your ice bucket upside down as a great makeup stand! I always have a lighted travel mirror pre-packed in my bag, and this makes an ideal stand for that plus jewelry!

Second, the #KremlinAnnex Protest!  In front of the building formerly known as the White House, every night at 7:30! Lipcolor: BeautyBakerie Lip Whip in Syruptitious.

I am the “I”; Kellee is the “T”

Third, my cute mom! She wanted to know what kind of makeup I use so I shared a few #MakeupMonday posts with her!

In the kitchen with the matzoh ball soup!









And last: this iconic makeup statement–one we can all live by:

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