#MakeupMonday: Still With the New Colors

The last MakeupMonday post got the most extraordinary response on FB – the most of any post to date! And I’m delighted by the positive FB messages in response to the would-be makeup-shamer who commented on the blog this week.

Today I’m packing to leave for our 5 week speaking tour in Europe so no time! So I’ll just share a few further lipcolor updates. I posted a few of these as UPDATES on last week’s post but here they are again. Remember: this is all an effort to match Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop in Headliner, which has no staying power (and sorry for the bizarre captions–i can’t make them work right!):

L: Maybelline Artist
L: Smashbox Jam On It
Smashbox–no staying power, Grrrrrrr
Loving the Smashbox Fig (with Lipstick Queen lip liner)
Only the lipliner is left–after but a small meal! WUT.
Stunning color match with Pat McGrath Sorry Not Sorry (suggested by an FB reader!)
Bad pic, but: BLOTCHY, no staying power, once again lipliner weirdly sticking out…

I have a gorgeous Givenchy in Framboise Velours, delivered up in a Temptalia color dupe-search (thank you for the tip FB reader!) that so far is also not lasting through a single cup of coffee…

But another FB reader suggested I try Mac Prep and Prime Lip to see if I can coax more wear out of any of these, so that’s plan B (actually plan Q I think, at this point). I’ll experiment with it and the Marc Jacobs, Pat McGrath, and Givenchy…

I would be lying if I didn’t say I am just a BIT frustrated! As I said to Kel, who charges $38 for a lipstick that won’t even stay on through a single meal? (Kel responded, “……………….. did……….you say…… 38? dollars?…………….”)

Only careful experimentation will yield desired results

But in the midst of all this I did notice one thing. I have LONG thought that makeup appeals to me for many the same reasons that academic research does. There is something deeply satisfying about it, and I’ve struggled to articulate what.


As I was sitting at my mirror rubbing off one lipcolor and applying the next, it occurred to me: it’s about problem solving! You have blotchy skin? Makeup can help! But has to be the right one! You have a drooping eyelid? (I do) Makeup can help! But you have to research just what and how. You want a lipcolor that actually lasts 8 hours—-well, some do and some don’t! And guess how you find out? Experimentation! Careful methodology! Manipulating conditions to test for particular outcomes! And good documentation!


Of course the expense of all this experimentation could be problematic, but the great thing is, both Ulta and Sephora take used items back as long as you sign up for membership (which is free). I return items constantly.

So there you have it. Of course it’s also perfectly fine to wear no makeup at all, and to loathe the thought of it. Nobody has to feel obliged to use it, or judged because they either wear makeup, or don’t.

But for those of us who do, I leave you with this thought: We don’t enjoy makeup in SPITE of being academics. We enjoy makeup BECAUSE we are academics.

We have a winner from last week’s Stash/Samples Giveaway. Emma is an archaeology grad student! I’m not going to run any more giveaways until I get back from the 6 week speaking tour in Europe! Keep reading, and we’ll start those up again in June!

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