#MakeupMonday: You’re Never Too Old

Ep.54: Granny Makeup

Beauty has no age limit ?? by Tea Flego IG: https://bit.ly/1TzbvYA

Posted by Beauty Wow on Thursday, August 2, 2018

I saw this video last year, and I find myself thinking back to it regularly. While I am by no means a fan of the ageist, tokenizing feel re “ooh look makeup on an old lady!” or the impossibly heavy makeup style, I do like the way that seeing current makeup techniques on an elderly face makes one confront lots of internalized ageist ideas about what the elderly can and cannot/should and should not do in terms of beauty, visibility, vanity, and the rest.

Plus I like the model’s spunky glow!

(And note the shoutout to Starskin masks! As you know, I love Starskin. )

Beauty Wow, which posted this, specializes in extreme makeovers and wild makeup, hair, and nail techniques. This is not a place to go to find realistic, every day ideas. It’s a place to go for the new and unusual and outre. I love it because it’s always playful, and it’s all about the gender and racial diversity.

I do makeup because it’s fun, creative, colorful, and ridiculous. We all need a place for that in our lives.

I mean, come on, look at this little washing machine for your Beauty Blenders!

Makeup challenges me to ask: what am I afraid of trying? What ageist assumptions have I accepted about what a 50-something woman can or cannot do, or how invisible an older woman should be?

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