#MakeupMonday: My New Setup

Instagram (or was it Facebook?) markets to me so well it is really scary. One day I was just scrolling and suddenly before my eyes appeared a customizable rotating makeup storage tower. My makeup storage situation did not even remotely keep up with my accelerating investment in makeup products, and things were getting ugly.

Reader, I bought it. And it’s everything I hoped. (I tried to post a video of it rotating in its true glory but my sad outdated wordpress theme rejected it).

Also an ongoing frustration: a decent makeup mirror. I’ve gone through so, so many, and blogged about a lot of them. This week, on a quick trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a mattress cover, I happened upon this Ihome item on sale. I bought it with my 20% off coupon.

And… it’s everything I have wanted in a makeup mirror. It also plays music, lol, which is NOT something I’ve wanted in a makeup mirror so I haven’t set that part up yet. But the lights are finally — FINALLY – bright enough. The mirror area is large enough. And the lights can be switched warm or cold, and a range of brightness.

And here’s a cute look I did – the big news here is this amazing NARS Erdem Lip POWDER palette I found super-cheap at TJ Maxx!

I didn’t know what to think about lip powder, but turns out–i love it! And the palette allows you to carry a full range of lipcolors with you in a super compact way. Not very long-lasting, but vivid and great shades.

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