“I Ran and Hid From My Computer” – Women and Negotiating Redux

Yet another woman client (this time a senior, tenured scholar) with a tenured offer from a famously wealthy and elite institution, was told by all of her mentors that she was “crazy” for wanting to negotiate the offer, and would risk “alienating everyone” by trying.

Thank god, she did not listen to them. This is the story.

Find Negotiating as Therapy here.

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[As always, makeup notes below]

[Makeup notes: If you’re wondering why I am always trying so many different products, it’s because I am a dedicated sample-collector. I never pass up the chance to get the big sample bags that Ulta and Sephora regularly offer, and I time my regular product restocking buys to when they are running those offers. I rarely end up changing my products but trying all the new items does allow me to stay up to date, and every so often I will switch. This is one of those weeks – i plan to buy full size of the mascara and the setting powder. In addition to my usual products today’s look includes:

  • The Ordinary The Ordinary. AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (this. is. stunning— bought full size for $7 on recommendation of a friend)
  • Make Up Forever Step 1 Matte Primer (too matte for me but a great makeup grabbing primer)
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow, Radiant Finish
  • LORAC Pro Plus Fiber Mascara]

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