Coronavirus Confusion: Just Be Kind To Yourself

It’s hard to know what to say at this point: you all know what we’re facing, but nobody has any clear idea how to manage it, especially the willy nilly conversion of your teaching to online platforms. And here I am, with my two college kids home. Seiji, the freshman, makes a surprise appearance!

The Professor Is In is devoted to sharing all we can on the FB page and here on the site to support you in this crisis. For now though, I have one main message: you weren’t prepared for this and cannot expect to do it perfectly; just be kind to yourself. And if you’re at home with kids: please don’t sweat the issues of food, screen time, etc. right now. It’s ok to just lower those bars. No, lower still. Lower. How about, as low as the feds just made the interest rates….. that’ll do.

And for your students, emulate this:

[Makeup and Fashion Notes Below]

Makeup and Fashion Notes:

This super cool sweater is from The Reset. I was worried the whole brand was going to end up being overpriced bullshit, but after 3 years of pondering I finally ordered a few things and they are all amazing, especially this sweater, The Cap Sleeve Sweater. It’s expensive, I’m not gonna lie (hence my years of hesitation). But given I basically haven’t taken it off in three days, I feel I’m going to get good value from it. Same with their cult item: The Modern Jogger. It’s all they say.

Another item I delayed for a year because of cost: RMS “Un” Cover-Up Cream Foundation, in 22.5. My daughter turned me on to this brand, and I’ve got to say–it’s amazing and this foundation in particular is to die for for dry (and, i think aging) skin.

Bobbie Brown Long Wear Eye Base in medium. I finally got tired of just using whatever old random products I had lying around and subjected the eye primer issue to one of my intensive research projects. I tried about five. This was hands down the winner. My eye makeup literally looks the same at 10 PM as it did at 10 AM when I put it on.

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