Schools Announcing a Hiring Freeze

I put this on FB today; I was asked to share it off FB for those who have left that platform for their mental health. I can get behind that, so here is a special post. It will not include updates, which I’m doing on the FB post, and are also arriving in comments from readers there.


The list of schools that I have been told have reported hiring freezes is below, and continues in the comment thread. *I cannot vouch for the accuracy or specifics of this information for every institution listed.* Please note hiring freezes can take different forms; many will be honoring any verbal offers already extended, but not all.

U of Nevada
Virginia Tech
Western Michigan U.
Bradley (in IL)
Villanova University
Indiana U
U of Waterloo
U of Oklahoma
U of Utah
Florida state
U Montana
U Kentucky
U of Dayton
Colorado school of mines
Central Washington
Wisconsin Madison
Texas Womens U
U of Louisville
Northern Michigan
Los Rios Community College
Miami U
Western Michigan
Ohio State
Penn State
Syracuse U
Simon Fraser
Kansas State
Federal science agencies in Canada
Rochester Institute of Technology
Notre Dame
U Colorado-Denver
Appalachian State
High Point U
Washington State
U Alabama, Birmingham
University of Maine at Farmington
Cal State System

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Schools Announcing a Hiring Freeze — 21 Comments

  1. I have an offer in the working from Clemson… They have told me the official letter on its way and nothing about the hiring freeze. Hopefully, they’ll honor it.

    • I have been told the same thing by Clemson. I also still have not seen a contract or completed a background check. I am hoping this goes through.

  2. I have just had a TT job search suspended at a Cal State school. I was one of three finalists. Other zoom or phone interviews are cancelling on me. These are positions that I otherwise might not apply for. I read the article in highered stating these freezes could last until next year.

    Is anyone else in this situation? What are your plans?

  3. Northwestern University announced a “hiring pause” due to COVID-19…this decision translates to allowing hiring only for those paid entirely via research grant funding. This new rule doesn’t (currently) apply to incoming PhD students who receive non-sponsored funding.
    No staff hires (neither new nor back fill), with internal transfers also negated.
    Faculty hires have all deferred (in my school) to next year.

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