COVID19 and Racism with the PhDivas Podcast

For over a year Wednesdays were the days for women of color guest posts. But that well has run dry! I’m still actively soliciting guest posts so please do send any along to me, or even just ideas or pitches.

But until I have new ones, I’ll be using Wednesdays to uplift women of colors’ voices in other ways.

Today I share the PhDivas podcast. If you’re not following PhDivas—do it now! Here they are on FB. Here they are on Twitter.

Follow Liz and Xine for on-point timely commentary on the state of academia for women of color. I am always learning from them.

This episode: COVID19 Anti-Asian and Anti-Black Racism with Professor Charissa Cheah.

Description: Who is seen as the disease or the diseased? Psychologist Charissa Cheah received RAPID grant funding from the National Science Foundation to study the forms of anti-Chinese racism from COVID-19 and their impact on Chinese-American individuals, families, and communities. PhDivas Liz and Xine discuss with Professor Cheah the politics and histories around racial identification health in research and how people, especially immigrants or international students, understand their own racial positioning. Race conscious research is necessary: the media is finally recognizing the disproportionate mortality rate among African Americans. However, Professor Cheah discusses how such research can be distorted to eugenic ends to blame Black people as a distraction from structural racism.

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