Things That Make Quarantine Life Bearable

Color Street Nails and Paint-by-Numbers. And my online dance classes (and yoga) – links below. And skincare. And bunnies. The video talks about the first two. Then I remembered the other three so those are in photos below.

That’s it! That’s the post.

Get your ColorStreet nail strips with Andrea Shaia, Friend of the Blog! Please note: because of the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, her official page is sold out of most designs but she has tons in her personal stock that you can still get. So be sure and just email her at

Here is one of the PBN’s in process!

This is my amazing AMAZING beloved dance teacher, Cynthia Valentine Healey, founder and impresario of Dance Empowered, which is now a beloved community of mutual care, witness, growth, and support.

Three days a week I get to dance with Cynthia and Dance Empowered community (all online of course). And I’ve added in online Ashtanga yoga on Thursdays with Rachel Drummond and Yoga for Dancers with Laura Black on Sundays. Highly recommend! It’s not too much to say that these gifts of online dance and yoga have saved my mental AND physical health during COVID19.

Skincare is of course my life, lol. I do a mask every week and serums/moisturizers every day. My current favorite mask is Glamglow GravityMud. It’s SILVER. And it smells like pineapples. And it works.

And then, NEEDLESS TO SAY, bunnies.

I needed to show my daughter how i got to pet Ryva, who is a VERY skittish rescue bunny we have been working to rehabilitate, mid-groom, in an unprecedented sign of trust! I didn’t have my phone handy so I had to sketch it!

How are you staying well? Share in comments!

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