How to Organize a Panel for a Conference

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been engrossed in CV Advance Strategizing Sessions with many clients. The work has gone well, and we quickly move through all of the elements required for a powerful and effective academic record for … Continue reading

If You’re Considering Grad School/Work in Scandinavia, Part II (A Guest Post)

Academic life in Scandinavia This is the story of a British academic couple – now a family – and our experiences of working in Scandinavia. It has a happy ending. It is based entirely on personal experience and does not … Continue reading

What’s It Like to Work With The Professor? Information for the Curious

I thought I’d take a moment and write a brief post on what working with me actually entails, for the benefit of anyone who has been contemplating it. I know that reaching out for help in your career can feel … Continue reading

Many Joys of the Videoconference Interview (A Guest Post)

This guest post is by a client who is a 2012 Ph.D. in  Romance Languages and Literature.   She wrote last week to tell me of her success in scoring a top-ranked multi-year fellowship.  In the email she alluded to … Continue reading

In-Person Workshops

 “Karen is hilarious and gives excellent advice” ~ US workshop participant Kel Weinhold and I regularly speak on university campuses and at disciplinary association meetings. For bio and promotional photos please see here. On campuses, we are often invited by … Continue reading

Dealing With the Informal Conference “Chat”

Today’s post is a Special Request Post for Cynthia, who wishes to know how she should deal with an invitation from a search committee member to meet and “chat” informally at an upcoming conference. These invitations are evil. Search committees … Continue reading