#Dispatches: How Many Jobs In Your Field & What Will You Do?

#Dispatches From the Frontlines series crowdsources questions to get a broad indication of how our readers are coping with various challenges. The question this week:  How many jobs are open in your field this year, and what do you plan … Continue reading

What if You Could Teach Only Your Favorite Students? – Postac Guest Post

By Jennie Nash Jennie Nash is the founder and CEO of Author Accelerator, a company on a mission to raise the bar on book coaching.  Learn more about becoming a coach at bookcoaches.com/theprofessorisin and join Jennie and me for an informational … Continue reading

The Academy Is The Grift

Last week in my Starting a Small Business webinar Q&A, somebody asked me, what was your biggest surprise in starting a business beyond what you have shared in the webinar? I was startled by the question, and struggled to answer … Continue reading

Resume Writing: Creating a Cohesive Story, Part I – Postac Post

Today’s post is by our marvelous and insightful postac coach, Dr. Maggie Gover. You can schedule a consult with her. Learn more about that here. Dr. Maggie Gover’s career is dedicated to helping students successfully complete their graduate degrees and … Continue reading