#Dispatches: Why The F**k Don’t We Revolt??

#Dispatches From the Frontlines Monday series crowdsources questions to get a broad indication of how our readers are coping with various challenges. The question right now:  Why the f**k don’t we revolt???  (contributed by Kel, lol).  New #Dispatches Question is … Continue reading

Resume Writing: Creating a Cohesive Story, Part I – Postac Post

Today’s post is by our marvelous and insightful postac coach, Dr. Maggie Gover. You can schedule a consult with her. Learn more about that here. Dr. Maggie Gover’s career is dedicated to helping students successfully complete their graduate degrees and … Continue reading

#Dispatches – When Did You Know It Was Time to Quit? Part I: Sick of Being Poor, The Body Keeps the Score

In our Dispatches series, we crowdsource responses to questions we see about the academic job market and career. This week, the question is: “Those who decided to leave the academy–when did you know it was time to leave, and why?” … Continue reading

Ivory Tower In the Rear-View Mirror — Dr. Henry Ngo

We continue with our new column, “Ivory Towers In The Rearview Mirror,” featuring interviews with PhDs who have charted a course unrelated to the tenure track, putting academia squarely in the rearview mirror. Our hope is that seeing and hearing … Continue reading