Free Productivity Webinars

The Art of Productivity

What you can expect with this webinar:
How to identify self-sabotage and negative patterns.
o Hint: You are not the problem. Your thinking is.
How to pick the right strategies for YOUR individual success.
o Hint: You are not the problem. Your system is.
How to create a realistic and sustainable plan for writing.
o HINT: You are not the problem. Your expectations are.

The Art of the Article

What you can expect to learn with this webinar:

How poor planning sets you up for failure before you start.
• We’ll show you a quick trick for identifying the best journal for your work.
How poor positioning has journal editors reaching for the desk reject button.
• We’ll show you how to join the intellectual conversation.
How poor storytelling leaves editors lost in the fog “so what?”
• We’ll tell you the 2 things you must include in your abstract to get an editor to keep reading.

The Art of The Article: Choosing a Journal

How to Select the Right Journal for Your Article Without Spending Weeks on Google

We’re going to show you how to develop a system for selecting a journal for your article that you can use over and over. By the end of our time together, you’re going to learn:
Why submitting to the most prestigious journal isn’t always the right option.
How to quickly identify what makes your work a good fit for your targeted journal.

The Art of Productivity: Perfectionism and Procrastination

Taming the Two-Headed Demon: Procrastination and Perfectionism

What you can expect to learn with this webinar:

How to tell the difference between Procrastination and Perfectionism
How to stop blaming yourself for struggling.
How to make small changes that interrupt them both.
Basically, how to get out of your own way and get shit done without a bunch of drama.

The Abstract Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Journal Article Without Getting Lost in the Murky Middle

In this webinar you’ll learn how to make the shift from wandering around in a sea of ideas feeling confused and overwhelmed about where you’re going with your article to writing an abstract that clearly articulates your argument, connects that argument to the issues in your field, and highlights your contribution.

Back On Track: How to Find Your Inner Compass in the Face of Criticism

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to take criticism for what it’s worth and nothing more. We’ll talk strategies for facing editorial comments and advisor/mentor/department chair feedback all while building healthy boundaries around our work (and by default our productivity)