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Karen Kelsky is the Founder and President of The Professor Is In, which provides advice and consulting services on the academic job search and all elements of the academic and post-academic career. She speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to Ph.D. professionalization, and is a weekly columnist at Chronicle Vitae.  Her latest book is The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job (Random House 2015).

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Dr. Karen In the News:

On Job-Hunting in the Wretched Academic Job Market

Hoping For a Faculty Job? Here’s What Hiring Committees Are Looking For (Maggie Kuo) AAAS Science Careers 10/2/17

Dr. Karen Kelsky Told Us How To Get a Tenure In the US. (Sophie Donaldson) University College London Researchers Blog 5/24/17

What to Expect When Job Hunting. (Beryl Benderley.) AAAS Science Careers 6/22/15

Negotiated Out of a Job. (Coleen Flaherty). Inside Higher Ed.  3/13/14

Can’t Get Tenure? Then Get a Real Job. (Megan McArdle) Bloomberg News 1/3/14

Ph.D.’s Spend Big Bucks Hunting For a Job in Academe, With No Guaranteed Results. (Stacey Patton). Chronicle of Higher Education. 3/11/13

The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps. (Stacey Patton). Chronicle of Higher Education 5/6/12


On Ph.D. Debt:

Forthcoming piece on student debt.  AFT On Campus (American Federation of Teachers).

The Professor and the Pauper: A Ph.D. May Cause You a Lifetime of Debt.  (Katey Troutman).  CheatSheet.  11/20/14

#StudentLoanDebt is Trending.  (Honey Smith).  2/6/14

Interview with Kai Ryssdal on NPR Marketplace. 1/27/14

Even Ph.D.s Who Have Full Funding Have Huge Amounts of Debt.  (Rebecca Schuman) Slate 1/15/14 (“Karen Kelsky is to the academic job market what the Wolf was to organized crime in Pulp Fiction“)

Ph.D. Programs Have a Dirty Secret: Student Debt. (Jordan Weissmann) Atlantic. 1/16/14.

Read This Before You Apply to Grad School (Megan McArdle). Bloomberg News. 1/17/14

The Cost of a Ph.D. (Audrey Williams June).  Chronicle of Higher Education. 1/16/14

When Full Funding Isn’t Full.  (Colleen Flaherty) Inside Higher Ed.  2/18/14


On Various Academic Topics

The Great Conference Con. (Colleen Flaherty) Inside Higher Ed 7/25/17

This Election Is Catastrophic. (Colleen Flaherty) Inside Higher Ed. 11/10/16

Getting Into Grad School.  Interview with Thomas Frank of College Info Geek. 8/9/15

The Paradoxical Success of The Professor Is In (Sarah Kendzior).  Chronicle Vitae 7/19/15

Productivity Cliff (Colleen Flaherty). Inside Higher Ed. 11/20/14


Doling Out Advice To All Who Will Listen

My regular advice column on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Vitae site.

Why They Want to Reject YouAcademic Workplace 2015 (Chronicle of Higher Education). 7/19/15

Got Skills?  Contexts 14(2) Spring 2015.

Graduate School Is a Means to a JobChronicle of Higher Education. 3/27/12

The Be-Yourself MythInsider Higher Ed. 1/30/12

To Professors, Re: Your Advisees. Chronicle of Higher Education. 9/28/11






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