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The Professor Is In offers financial assistance in the form of the Job-Seeker Support Fund.

This fund helps ABDs and Ph.D.s in truly dire economic straits pay for my services in working on their academic job applications (job letters, CVs, teaching statements, research statements, proposals, and interview skills, etc.) as well as postac job search services.

Applicants should be be ABDs and recent Ph.D.s confronting *some combination* of:

1) Relying on unemployment benefits or food stamps;

2) Having a current or anticipated position unexpectedly cancelled;

3) Supporting dependents;

4) Confronting a health crisis;

5) In a temporary, insecure, or unstable living arrangement (moved back in with parents, sleeping on friends’ couches, and the like).

6) In bankruptcy proceedings

7) Experiencing long-term unemployment

If you are an ABD or recent Ph.D. confronting these kinds of circumstances, and lack of funds has stopped you from contacting me for help in your job search, please inquire at

[Please note we ALWAYS offer special assistance to Black and Indigenous women no matter your circumstances, as noted elsewhere on our website].

The way it works is:

A.  I contribute my services.

B.  The Fund and the recipient pay what remains, so the recipient pays only 1/4 of the original cost of services, for the first two hours of work together. This will cover two documents in the standard job package: cover letter, cv, teaching statement, research statement, and/or diversity statement.

C. One more hour under the Fund will be available at 1/2 the listed rate; this can cover the Interview Intervention and/or other document work. If you do a 5-page postdoc proposal essay, that is three hours of work.  Under JSSF, the first two hours could be done for 1/4 rate, and the third hour for 1/2 rate.

If you are an ABD/Ph.D. in truly dire economic straits who would like to request this assistance, or would just like to find out more about it, please get in touch with me, Karen, at

If you are employed, please consider helping those who are struggling to find employment in the terrible economic conditions of the academy, and DONATE.  The Fund depends on the donations of those who have the ability to help.

Thank you to all who donated so far.


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