Services & Rates

~~ “While I cursed you every time I received a round of edits on job documents, the process empowered me as a job seeker and scholar. Between our one-on-one work, your webinars, and the blog, I came to know what I offer academia and the kind of scholarly community I want to join. I also learned how to present myself as a professional, and to be confident in which of the academic ‘games’ I simply was not going to play”  2013 Ph.D., Education, tenure track job at a SLAC ~~

To begin working with me, please email me, Dr. Karen, at:

Your confidentiality is always guaranteed.  It is the cornerstone of my business.  I never share a client name (or information) with anyone, ever, under any circumstances.



Advance Payment Required After Initial Arrangements by Email


Forms of Payment Accepted:


>Paypal (I will invoice you once we have set up a consultation plan)


10% Discount for advance payment of 3-4 hours.  Any unused time will be refunded in 15 minute increments.

15% Discount for advance payment of 5+ hours.


REGULAR SERVICES (email me to schedule any of these)


>Academic Tenure Track Job Application Materials (job letter, c.v., teaching and research statements; 4 drafts):  $125/hour

>Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Materials (4 drafts): $125/hour

>Post-Tenure Job Application Materials (ie, for tenured clients; 4 drafts): $150/hour

>Tenure and Promotion Documents: $200/hour

>Intensive Job Interview Intervention: $250/50-minute skype appointment.  Schedule the Interview Intervention directly here.

>Intensive Job Talk Intervention: $250/50 minute skype. Schedule the Job Talk Intervention directly here.

>Job Talk Editing:  $125/hour x 2 hours with automatic $100 rush fee – $350 in total (covers 2 drafts of edits)

>Offer/Negotiation Assistance (by email): $400/week  (one week is all that’s needed in most cases)

>Ongoing “Retainer” Fee for job market-related queries and consultations: $85/month (for up to 4 emails)



>Grant Application Editing: $125/hour (# of hours depends on number of pages in application)

>Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Materials (# of hours depends on number of pages in application): $125/hour

>Syllabi/Course Proposals (for Postdoc Apps: $125/syllabus)




>Syllabi/Course Proposals: $125/syllabus

>Single Article or Chapter Manuscript Editing:  $150/hour (# of hours depends on length of doc; covers 1 or 2 edits)

>Book Proposal Editing and Consulting:  $150/hour

>Book Mss. Editing:  $200/hour [temporarily discontinued]

>General Career Coaching/Mentoring/Advising by email: $300 for up to 5 substantive email exchanges




>Normal turn-around time is 2-4 business days.  I do not work on weekends or holidays.

>Rush responses and scheduling available.  Rush Fees apply:

>Any work that is scheduled prior to my earliest open date for new work (which is typically 1-2 months ahead–but please inquire as it’s always ebbing and flowing!), will require payment of $200 or more above regular rates


>Guaranteed same-week turnaround:  add $300 to regular rates, pending availability