Services & Rates

~~ “By ‘opening the box’ and showing what actually works (and all that doesn’t), you destroy that cloud of vagueness and misinformation that too often surrounds academic jobs and makes academia similar to Mount Olympus: a place for the few privileged who know their way in.”  2012 Ph.D., Political Science ~~


To begin working with me, please email me, Dr. Karen, at:

Your confidentiality is always guaranteed.  It is the cornerstone of my business.  I never share a client name (or information) with anyone, ever, under any circumstances.



Advance Payment Required After Initial Arrangements by Email


Forms of Payment Accepted:


>Paypal (I will invoice you once we have set up a consultation plan)


10% Discount for advance payment of 3-4 hours.  Any unused time will be refunded in 15 minute increments.

15% Discount for advance payment of 5+ hours.


REGULAR SERVICES (email me to schedule any of these)


>Academic Tenure Track Job Application Materials (job letter, c.v., teaching and research statements; 4 drafts):  $125/hour

>Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Materials (4 drafts): $125/hour

>Post-Tenure Job Application Materials (ie, for tenured clients; 4 drafts): $150/hour

>Tenure and Promotion Documents: $200/hour

>Intensive Job Interview Intervention: $250/50-minute skype appointment.  Schedule the Interview Intervention directly here.

>Intensive Job Talk Intervention: $250/50 minute skype. Schedule the Job Talk Intervention directly here.

>Job Talk Editing:  $125/hour x 2 hours with automatic $100 rush fee – $350 in total (covers 2 drafts of edits)

>Offer/Negotiation Assistance (by email): $400/week  (one week is all that’s needed in most cases)

>Ongoing “Retainer” Fee for job market-related queries and consultations: $85/month (for up to 4 emails)



>Grant Application Editing: $125/hour (# of hours depends on number of pages in application)

>Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Materials (4 drafts): $125/hour



>Single Article or Chapter Manuscript Editing:  $150/hour (# of hours depends on length of doc; covers 1 or 2 edits)

>Book Proposal Editing and Consulting:  $150/hour

>Book Mss. Editing:  $200/hour [temporarily discontinued]

>General Career Coaching/Mentoring/Advising by email: $300 for up to 5 substantive email exchanges




>Normal turn-around time is 2-4 business days.  I do not work on weekends or holidays.

>Rush responses and scheduling available.  Rush Fees apply:

>Any work that is scheduled prior to my earliest open date for new work (which is typically 1-2 months ahead–but please inquire as it’s always ebbing and flowing!), will require payment of $200 or more above regular rates


>Guaranteed same-week turnaround:  add $300 to regular rates, pending availability