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Like you, we have faced the gauntlet of stressful academic social interactions: the preparation insecurity of the Skype interview; the performance anxiety of the campus visit; the abject terror of the conference hotel lobby; and let’s not forget the glass clutching awkwardness of the post-symposium cocktail party. We have seen (and in all honesty committed) the babbling, insufferable, embarrassing gaffes that submarine job market success. Do you go on far too long about things no one else can relate to? Have you found yourself stumbling awkwardly through (over?) a conversation without a clear message or endpoint? How often do you miss opportunities to SHOW rather than tell who you are, where you can contribute and how you fit?

So many opportunities to be a comfortable member of a scholarly community, so many failures to do so.

What we know after more than 20 years of participant observation: From conferences to colloquia, from interviews to campus visits, successful scholars learn to come out of their heads and communicate! We are here to help you make that leap.

The Professor is In offers three different services to help you successfully showcase your research, teaching philosophy and potential for tenure.  All of these are with Intervention coach Kel Weinhold (read more about her on the People page):

  • The Interview Intervention ($250): A 50-minute Skype session during which we move through a mock interview, stopping after each question to evaluate every answer for its strengths and weaknesses in terms of brevity, spin, word choice, tone, body language, etc., and refining it for effectiveness. Book your Interview Intervention appointment HERE.
  • The Job Talk Strategy Intervention ($125): A 30-minute Skype Intervention, during which Kel will walk you through the mission, ethos, structure and goals of a Job Talk with SPECIFIC attention to your research as it relates to the job call. We will work on a section outline with guidelines on what you need to be sure to include and avoid. We will also touch briefly on presentation (powerpoint) and delivery dos and don’ts.  AFTER you apply the information from this session, if you are still concerned that your job talk is incorrectly or poorly organized, you might consider The Professor is In’s Job Talk Editing service. (Email Dr. Karen to schedule a job talk edit) Book your Job Talk Strategy appointment HERE.
  • The Campus Visit Intervention ($250): A 50-minute Skype session during which we move through the standard meetings of a campus visit, working on changing your message for different audiences as well as strategies for showcasing your fit. Just as with the Interview intervention we pay close attention to brevity, word choice, tone, body language, etc., and refining your delivery for effectiveness. Book your Campus Visit Intervention appointment HERE.

I have a particular commitment to supporting Black and Indigenous women in the academy. If you are a member of these communities and finances are an issue in working with Kel on an intervention, please get in touch to discuss possible arrangements.


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  1. Hi there,
    I’m an assistant prof of sociology and was recently denied tenure. I have a job talk scheduled for February 3rd– real soon– and will be happy to get some comments. The talk is 80 percent ready but will be ready for viewing only on Wednesday. Will you be able to review and turnaround within this timeline?

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