Besides Dr. Karen, The Professor Is In team includes these two amazing editors and coaches.

Kellee Weinhold is a former university professor in the fields of journalism, communication, and literary non-fiction, professional writing coach and consultant, and owner of the Eugene, Oregon writing studio Stir (and incidentally, my partner).

This is Kellee.

Kellee, accompanied by Penelope the Rabbit.

Kellee, accompanied by Penelope the Rabbit.

In addition to having twelve years of experience in the university setting, and enormous savvy about the ways of university hiring and politics, Kellee is a dedicated advocate of self-expression in all forms and the sworn enemy of wimpy speech.  Kellee handles many Interview Bootcamps and you can read testimonials about her on the Testimonials page.

Petra Shenk is an editor for The Professor Is In and The Doc Doc and identifies as an educator and writing/language specialist with unique skills to assist people with their educational and professional goals.  She completed a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2008. During her time as a graduate student, she cultivated a parallel career track as an academic editor and student advisor and mentor, focusing on nontraditional and international college students.  She does editing, scheduling, and also handles many Interview Interventions.

This is Petra.

Both Kellee and Petra are fierce proponents of the message and the methods of The Professor Is In, and allies in the effort to get you ready for the market.  With their addition, we can expand our work and help more people get the assistance they need to confront the challenges of an academic career.


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