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For new editing clients only; ends August 31. Get a second job document for half off.  If you’ve ever been curious about working with us–this is your chance.*

*A note about rates: We are a small business supporting four households and numerous dependent children. Discounts on rates are our effort to balance the needs of struggling job seekers and our staff. Thanks for understanding.






I take any one-on-one advising and consulting clients from January to April [extended for pandemic indefinitely].  During this time I am happy to provide advising/consulting on any quandaries related to the academic career, including publication plans, departmental politics, dealing with Imposter Syndrome or writers block, tenure anxieties, job market struggles, exit strategizing, or the decision to leave academia entirely. There are no wrong questions! You can get help in two ways: a 1 hour skype consult, or alternatively,  a 5-email exchange consult. Both are $400 (tenured rate is $420).

I ask all career consulting clients to do at least one document edit with me first (either CV or CL) so that I have a holistic knowledge of your record before starting. The rationale for this is twofold:  on the one hand, I get to know your record quickly, so I can advise you better. And on the other, clients tend to find the editing process illuminating in itself, and you will see many basic questions answered by the editing process (and get a finished doc out of it), allowing us to devote the 5 questions to more “advanced” issues.  A job doc is $180, so this does represent an additional expense, and I’ll be happy to consider exceptions to this rule for financial or other reasons. Feel free to email me at with any questions about the consulting/advising process.





Find various kinds of academic job market help for immediate purchase below. These are products you can access immediately that do not include real-time individual editing or consulting by Dr. Karen or her team.

For *individualized* consulting services and full document review with Dr. Karen and the team, review the services and rates available on the Services and Rates page, and then please contact her directly at

Webinar Recordings

These are downloadable recordings of all the webinars (including complete descriptions)
offered by Dr. Karen and her team.  Click HERE to go the “Webinars” page and purchase.

Quick Document Review Options

Quick Document Reviews are quick-turnaround options for people who need results fast to meet a deadline.  Click HERE to go the “Quick Reviews” page for complete descriptions and to purchase.

The Art of the Cover Letter

The Art of the Cover Letter is a membership-only access to posts, videos and worksheets to guide you through the conceptualization and writing of an academic cover letter.  Click HERE to go the “Art of the Cover Letter” page for complete descriptions and link to purchase.

Teaching Portfolio Consultation

A complete teaching portfolio is necessary when job ads ask for evidence of effectiveness. We assist you in organizing and formatting your teaching to specific job descriptions. Note: this is not an editing service. Instead, we advise you on how to select the standard materials and present them in a polished, professional way. For example, we help you effectively summarize your numerical and narrative evaluations and provide a list of proposed courses that match your profile.

$175 for 3 drafts

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How to Contact a Prospective Ph.D. Advisor Guidance Package

A package of materials that walks you through the composition of an email of inquiry to a potential Ph.D. advisor, with instructions and examples drawn from STEM, social science, and humanities. Does NOT include live individual editing.


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Gift Certificates

You can purchase Gift Certificates in any amount from $50 up.  My rates are listed on the rates page, but here are the basics in a nutshell: 1 hour of work with me (1 job document–ie, cover letter):  $180;  2 hours of work with me (2 job documents–ie, cover letter and cv): $360;  3 hours of work with me (the basic full package of cover letter, cv, and teaching statement): $486 (reflects a 10% discount on total) 4 hours of work with me (the full package plus the research statement):  $648 (also includes 10% discount) You are not limited to the amounts above; they are meant as guidelines to the cost of working with me.  After your purchase you will receive a PDF download which serves as the Gift Certificate; please forward it to your recipient, who can then contact me to schedule the work.

Click here for Gift Certificates:

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  5. I fully understand the cost for a prompt review of the cover letter, but for all of us struggling applicants on (or near) food stamps, couldn’t you release the package itself for free? I am sure we would benefit from that more than you would a few dollars. Also, it might encourage more of us to ask for your assistance…

  6. James – TPII has helped my wife and I a TON in the past year – with just the “free” materials on line (which of course Karen had to develop).

    She is a professional in this needed field in academia and deserves to be paid for her time and expertise.

  7. Will The Professor’s Guides Taming the Academic Job Market and another grant writing useful for other scientific area such as chemistry? Thanks.

    • They’re pretty useful across the board, but my suggestion would be to purchase the webinar recordings instead–they cover more ground and with the lower prices now ($50, used to be $100) they’re not too different price-wise. And have good Q and A too.

  8. Karen,
    I have an application deadline coming up in about ten days. I have purchased a copy of your book and would like to get your CV strategizing session too. But I was wondering if I would receive your edits in time for this particular job…or if I should look at the Fall instead.

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  10. Hi there,
    I ordered a mug and got a receipt emailed from paypal but when paypal redirected me back to your site after payment I was taken to a 404 error page. How can I check to verify you received my order? Thank you – the mug looks great!

  11. I ordered a Nasty Woman mug on October 26 and haven’t received it yet. I got an email confirmation from PayPal, but no word on when/if the mug shipped. Do you know when it might show up? I hoped it would arrive in time for Election Day.

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  15. Hi!
    I tried to register for the Hacking the Academic Job Market in a Pandemic Webinar with the promotional code I received in email but the code wouldn’t work (says invalid). Any suggestions? Thank you!

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