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It is no secret that one of the biggest challenges academics face (outside the brutality of the job market) is staying on track in writing and publishing. The inherent isolation of writing combined with the challenges of adapting to life as an academic can leave even the most successful scholar struggling to produce.

As with all things related to the Ph.D, the Professor Is In is dedicated to helping you succeed. We created a range of services to help you overcome the two elephant-sized roadblocks to your productivity — procrastination and isolation.

Once you make the decision to take control of your writing life, academic productivity coach Kellee Weinhold will move you step by step toward completion of of your writing goals while helping you establish habits that support academic success over the long haul. She offers both group and individual support. (Check out the end of this post for testimonials!)


UNSTUCK: From Stalled to Submitted


  • Session 1: Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific)
  • Session 2: Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. (Pacific)
  • Can’t make either session, but interested? Email Kellee

COST: 12 sessions at $65 per session. In order to avoid the challenges of a lump sum payment, registration requires payment for the first four sessions with weekly payments for the remainder of the group. In paying for the first four sessions, participants are committing to attending and paying for the remaining 8 sessions.

How to Register

Session registration (and payment) will open on December 1st. In the interim, if you plan to register, please fill out this form to assure a spot (Group size is limited to 5 people):

* indicates required field

How it works:

Mimicking the structure of “Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success,” the program is designed to challenge you to complete a self-chosen writing project (journal article, conference paper, book chapter) in 12 weeks.

Each work group is limited to 5 participants who will meet weekly in 60-minute, coach-led, work sessions via Go To Meeting. In addition to the exercises and tools explored in each weekly meeting, you will also receive daily emails (M-F) with reminders of specific tasks to be accomplished that day as well as resources for overcoming typical obstacles to success. You will also have access to a shared community area, where in addition to sharing roadblocks and encouragement, you will create and share specific goals.  See FAQs below for more specifics or email Email me, Kellee, at if you have questions.


  • Will there be other people in my discipline in my group?

While there may be other people in your discipline (eg, anthropology), there will not be anyone in your area (eg, modern Japan). To be precise: You will not be in a group with someone with whom you might be in competition for a position.

  • Do I have to have a tenure track position to participate?

No. you only need a Ph.D and a writing project.

  • What if I can’t make it to all 12 sessions?

First, we encourage you to examine “can’t.” Is it inconvenient or impossible? Inconvenient: I am on vacation and I will have to go to a local café for internet. Impossible: I will be mid-air on a flight with no wi-fi. If a session is truly impossible, then it is the responsibility of the participant to communicate with the group in advance and arrange to speak with other participants before the next session.

  • Do I have to buy the book?

The text is not required for the process, but the experience will no doubt be deepened by reading the text.


Writing Project Planning Strategy Session (90 minutes) $350

Session includes assessment of specific project components and projected timelines to completion (based on hard deadline); identification of real and imagined roadblocks; strategies for daily productivity with motivational tips, and complete project timeline with weekly goals. Book your appointment here.


For those PhDs who want more, I also offer PLATINUM LEVEL UNSTUCK COACHING  PACKAGES*

Maintaining a productive publishing trajectory in the face of the demands of an academic life is an ongoing challenge for many junior faculty. Improving your productivity with personalized support and guidance will decrease your stress, help you get your work submitted faster and move you one step closer to tenure.

Want more information, schedule a free 20-minute information session with Kellee to see which Platinum Level would work best for you.

UNSTUCK Platinum Consulting packages can cover many areas, including:

  • Procrastination
  • Time Management
  • Teaching Demands
  • Over-Scheduling
  • Negative Self-talk
  • Prioritization, etc.
  • Workflow Improvement
  • Project Management

UNSTUCK PLATINUM30 – 30 days ($950)

You are feeling bogged down or overwhelmed and you SIMPLY HAVE to get on track and move forward NOW. After an initial session examining what you have in place, we will identify what area(s) you want to FINISH and make a clear plan to get you there.

Three (3) 50-minute coaching calls over 30 days focusing on goals established in an initial 30-minute strengths and weaknesses assessment, personalized writing plan (including specific assignments) to move you forward, daily accountability check-ins and email support.

UNSTUCK PLATINUM3 – 3 Month ($1,650/$550 month)

You are near the end of a project (and perhaps have been stuck there for a very long time), and you are facing a critical deadline. No more time to procrastinate. You need to get this project finished and need someone to hold your feet to the fire to make it happen.

Six (6) 50-minute coaching calls over 3 months, plus initial strengths and weaknesses assessment, personalized writing plan, daily accountability check-ins and email support.

UNSTUCK PLATINUM6 – 6 Month ($3,150/$525 month)

You are at a critical point in your academic career and need to make the most of the next six months. You are ready to face your own self-sabotage, identify how YOU work best and create a realistic, personal strategy for success.

Twelve (12) 50-minute coaching calls over 6 months, plus initial strengths and weaknesses assessment, personalized writing plan, daily task management, weekly accountability check-ins and email support.

UNSTUCK PLATINUM12  – 12 Month ($6,000/$500 month)

You are at a turning point in your academic career and need to make the most of the next year. You need to establish better writing habits, learn what is keeping you from doing what you know needs to be done, talk through your ideas and have someone hold you accountable.

Twenty-four (24) 50-minute coaching calls over 12 months, plus an initial 30 minute strengths and weaknesses assessment, weekly motivational emails with productivity tips, bi-weekly accountability check-ins (between skype meetings), personalized productivity plan and email support.

Email me, Kellee, at to learn more or sign up! (* Platinum level coaching can be done as group sessions with 9 or fewer participants.)



Kellee is, by far, the best mentor and writing coach I’ve ever had. The UNSTUCK program has encouraged me to reach out to colleagues, it’s provided me with an excellent group of scholars who offer daily support and encouragement and it’s forced me to be honest about what I can and should accomplish this summer. Overall, the last 6 weeks have been (realistically) productive and a pleasure. Can’t say enough good things about Kellee’s program and guidance.

I have always had issues with writing to the extent that I have questioned my choice of profession. Last year, which was my second year in a TT position, was specially challenging due to some life events. When the opportunity came to take this seminar, I took it with some enthusiasm but also doubt. I am a professional slacker! Can a weekly hour long writing workshop actually change habits that took almost a decade and a half to solidify? The answer is a very strong yes! I have written and worked more on my research in the last six weeks than in the last several months combined. The wonderful coach that Kellee is, the very structured approach to writing she teaches, the methods I learned on how to approach writing when it appears to be a very angry Hulk, have indeed changed my work habits. I still get anxiety about writing, I still get the nagging feeling that my work is not good enough, but now, I work as opposed to just worrying and being anxious about tenure. When I read my paper now, I see progress. It is not a paper I have been sitting on for a year now, it is a project that is getting close to submission. I write and I make lists and approach the paper from an entirely new and much improved perspective. I have also noticed an improvement in my non-work related habits. I have just become so much more proactive about so many other things. 
I might actually stop seeing my therapist as regularly so it saves money too!! 🙂 


I’m emailing to say Happy Birthday from one of the TPII Unstuck writing groups!  (Apparently Skype lets you know when there is a birthday to celebrate).  When I shared it today with my fellow summer writing group members, I suggested that we list our accomplishments for the month in honor of your birthday and everything that you’ve done to help ALL of us at various points in our careers.  Here’s the list:
-5 journal articles submitted, under review, or in revision
-1 sample chapter submitted for a book proposal
-1 fellowship submitted
-consistent writing EVERY day, even with kids, jobs, and service
-personal sanity and a professional support network in this crazy academic life
As a group, we are definitely “unstuck” thanks to you and The Professor Is In site. I hope you will copy and paste this for a special blast on Facebook so others can post what they’ve accomplished with your help or “like” covertly from the shadows.  Whether it’s job applications, career advice, or writing support, we could not have done it without you!


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