#MakeupMonday: Travel, Cont’d

We are still “on tour,” now in Edinburgh. We speak tomorrow at University of Edinburgh School of Engineering, and the next day I speak at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Then a few days seeing the sights of Northumberland, as we head down for a date at Durham.

So just a quick update today. Last week’s post failed to mention one other refinement of my travel kit: a paper-thin plastic mirror I got for about $1 at the Daiso in Berkeley. It slips into my makeup case, weighs almost nothing, but can be set up against the back of my laptop to make a nice sizeable mirror wherever i need it, which in dark, cramped Airbnbs or hotel rooms, is usually out at the kitchen table or at the work desk, or some ad hoc setup in front of a window. It’s about 6″ x 3″, not magnified, so serves well in tandem with my smaller lighted magnifying travel mirror.

Airbnb kitchen table makeup hack
Look how skinny!

So, Daiso $1 plastic mirror: highly recommend.

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#MakeupMonday: Travel, Cont’d — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Dr. Karen,
    I am a big fan of your book and blog, and a current postdoc at the University of Edinburgh. Are you speaking here today?! Unfortunately I can’t find any information about your talk online. I hope I haven’t missed it!
    Best, Andrew

    • I’m sorry–I just finished speaking! It was at the School of Engineering. We speak at Robert Gordon U in Aberdeen tomorrow if that’s an option (not close, i realize). Then Durham after that.

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