Our New Podcast Is Coming So Soon!

Kel and I had a mini work-retreat this past week, and recorded the trailer and 5 episodes of our new Professor Is In podcast! We’re also finalizing music (I love that part! Want to hear a clip? Here’s Two Sides, by Martin Klem. Great title, right? right?)

The first episode drops early January.

We’re also busy planning all the goodies we’ll be offering members who sign up for the Professor Is In Plus membership option, available starting early January!

Remember: the podcast is FREE, but membership brings lots of perks, like an exclusive members-only podcast episode per month, ad-free content, and also academic career/productivity-related items that aren’t available anywhere else like Dr. Karen’s 30-Day CV Rehab, Kel’s 5 Steps to Productivity, a monthly call-in with Karen and Kel, with the chance for live on-air individual coaching!

Stay tuned next week when we announce a limited-time incentive for early Professor is In Plus sign-ups. And be sure to download the Himalaya app and find us there [Reminder: you’ll be able to find us on Himalaya from next week; we’re not quite live yet!]

While you can hear the free episodes on all the regular platforms, Himalaya is the only place Professor Is In Plus will be available.


Here’s the podcast description: The Professor Is In has been the world’s leading source of academic career advice for a decade, and in this new podcast academic career coach and author Dr. Karen Kelsky and productivity coach Kel Weinhold, with their trademark combination of candor, humor, and compassion (and a healthy dose of critique), tell you the truth about how the academy works, with strategies for reaching your goals while prioritizing your emotional well being. We go where others don’t, breaking down the unspoken rules of academic cultures, including all the ways they center white folks and marginalize everyone else. Our mission: whether you’re in grad school, on the job market, on the tenure track, adjuncting, or deciding to leave the academy and do something else, we are here to support you with insights, advice, and real talk.

Episode 1: Why the Academy Is Like a Cult
Episode 2: Publishing and Toxic Comparison
Episode 3: The Culture of Overwork
Episode 4: Why You Need a 5-Year Plan
Episode 5: Dealing with Rejection

And remember: to be the first to hear when the member site opens and the podcast goes live, sign up here:

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