Do Less

Second installment in the new video blog post series! Please, please forgive me for the leaf blower in the background! I thought using earbuds would prevent it being heard, but… no. I even went peak #Karen before starting and asked them if they would EVER finish blowing leaves, but it’s my deeply, disturbingly neurotic neighbor who demands nightmarish levels of leaflessness and the poor 5-man team was just doing their best to follow orders. So, alas. It does stop about halfway through.

Citations to follow of the various posts and things I reference.

What Everyone’s Calling Emotional Labor Is Just Labor. Marie Solis, Vice

Making Holiday Magic is Hurting Women. Caroline Kitchener, The Lily

Holiday Magic Is Made By Women and Its Killing Us. Gemma Hartley, Care-Clinic

You Should’ve Asked (The Mental Load). Emma

Green Chef Meal Delivery Service, loved by Karen

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