Coronavirus Post I: Listing Cancelled Conferences and Shaking Hands

I am determined to use The Professor Is In platform to share as much info as I can about dealing with the impact of Coronavirus on academic environments. Please know that like everyone I’m responding quickly to evolving circumstances, so if you feel I’ve missed an opportunity to take up a needed recommendation, please let me know and I’ll try and rectify. For now I’m being responsive to the many queries that are coming in to my inbox and following those leads first.

Today we take up issues related to how to list a cancelled conference on your CV, how to manage the hand-shaking impulse in conferences and campus visits, and larger questions about why shifting your conference and campus visit plan entirely online is a good idea right now.

[And because I strongly believe we all need to keep doing the things that make us happy and strengthen our immune systems, Makeup Notes below.]

Earrings by Wanshu Li, artist and PhD student in the UK.

Makeup Notes:

Aside from my usual products shared in prior Makeup Monday and video blog posts, today I am using:

Clinique All About Shadow 8-Pan Palette in Neutral Grey [OMG this palette is perfection and perfectly sized for travel as well]

Buxom PillowPout Plumping Lip Powder in Spoil Me [Found for $6.99 at TJ Maxx and not worth more than that – weird messy delivery, no plumping, not great staying power – altho really nice color]

Lipstick Queen LipLiner in Wine

Cover F/X Perfect Setting Powder [I am loving this brand more and more as my skin ages, and this is the first powder I’ve found that works without settling into creases]

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