One-on-One Advising with Dr. Karen

Available Jan-March 2020 Only


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Stressed about your job search?  Grad program?  Publishing plan? Tenure progress?  Come talk to me!  I can help.

For a limited time only, I’m opening up slots for live 50-minute Skype consults.  These can cover any academic career-related topic, including:

    • deciding whether and when to go on the job market
    • understanding teaching vs. research jobs and the profile needed for each
    • evaluating aspects of the record for particular career goals
    • dealing with a non-renewal of contract
    • choosing and evaluating recommenders
    • prioritizing publishing goals
    • dealing with classroom challenges
    • building a competitive record
    • evaluating postdocs vs. jobs
    • understanding departmental politics (in terms of specific issues or problems)
    • planning for tenure and promotion
    • deciding to leave academia
  • and so on….

The cost is $400.  Slots available in Jan, February and March only.

After payment, you can contact Dr. Karen to schedule the appointment at

Before the appointment, she’ll ask for a copy of your CV and a list of your major concerns/queries.

Any questions?  Email Dr. Karen at*

Looking forward to talking to you!

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*Be aware, this is not interview prep help. We are still doing that through the live skype Interview Interventions with Kellee Weinhold.

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