Nasty Woman, PhD Is Back!

Nasty’s back! For womxn with a degree, unafraid to be ‘nasty”. Go getters, glass-ceiling breakers, forging your own path.
For election season 2020, The Professor Is In is delighted to bring back our Nasty Woman, PhD mugs, and more! The perfect item for womxn who know that they are“valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve their dreams” ~ original nasty woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, JD. 
Mugs are $20 plus shipping. $2 of every purchase goes to the Biden/Harris campaign, and $1 goes to the youth GOTV activists at RockTheVote.Org.

The Moonstone Studio is a family business in Gainesville, Florida. As Monster Press, we’ve printed shirts, hats, and mugs for our community since 1993, and over the past year have expanded and rebranded to add an online storefront for nationwide availability. Susan Niemann is the screen printing, mug pressing, homeschooling, kayak paddling, protest marching, Gator chomping mama/owner/creative director behind it all.