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Knowing Your Own Value in the Academy: Self-Advocacy, Time Management and Saying No

Overwork without appropriate compensation (ie, exploitation) is the normative expectation of the academy, and becomes ever more so as standards escalate while budgets collapse. This brand new webinar shows you how to identify overwork and exploitation, how to evaluate the stakes of given tasks and manage the time you allot to each, and how to say no to excessive demands. We also discuss how to accurately value your own time, contributions and labor, to set the stage for effective self-advocacy throughout your career, whether it be asking for a raise, describing your work without self-deprecation, dealing assertively with advisors, PI’s, heads, editors and collaborators, negotiating offers, etc.


Going Post-Ac in a Pandemic:  Moving on with a PhD Under Stress [New reduced pandemic rate: $35]

This workshop will show you how to prepare for a non-academic job,
even if you’re still in graduate school, newly updated for COVID19
conditions.  We start with the newly emerging COVID19 job market
conditions, and the feelings of fear, grief and loss that accompany the
need to move on. Then, we’ll confront the incorrect belief held by many
Ph.D.s (especially in the arts and humanities) that you don’t have any
skills for non-academic jobs. I help you see the multitude of skills you
have, and how to identify and mobilize them for jobs outside the
academy. We’ll cover: Obstacles to imagining a non-academic
career; Expanding your career imagination, Identifying your translatable
skills, Tips for the non-academic cover letter and resume, Resources
for the job seeker; The DIY career.

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NEWLY EXPANDED AND UPDATED: Starting a Small Business in a Pandemic: The Other #Postac Option [2 hour webinar; $100]

Dr. Karen explains the mental and logistical hurdles attendant upon
leaving the academy to start your own business.  Discusses identifying a
niche, choosing a name, finding an audience, and using basic technology
for blogging, websites, and invoicing.  Special attention to social
media marketing. Academics tend to be risk-averse–this webinar helps you
lower the barrier to striking out on your own.

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Hacking the Academic Job Market…In a Pandemic

Compendium of the basic advice every tenure track job seeker needs to know, from the ethos of the search committee to how to prep for an interview – all updated for the crisis conditions of COVID19.  Addresses what makes a competitive record, effective job documents, effective interviewing, and more, while coping with the turmoil on campuses and the collapse of academic hiring in the pandemic.

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Talking Mental Health in the Academy, in a Pandemic

Depression, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, trauma, burnout…. these are so common in academia as to be almost the norm. A 2018 study found that 39% of grad students scored in the moderate-to-severe depression range, as compared to 6% of the general population. And that was before the pandemic.

In this brand new webinar, we talk mental health, with particular attention to the specific stressors of grad school, the job search, adjuncting, and the tenure track, and contextualized by the COVID19 pandemic. This webinar aims to provide tools to openly discuss mental health challenges, identify symptoms and causes, and provide ideas for support. Please note: I am not a mental health professional and this content is for general informational purposes, not diagnosis or treatment.

Managing Your First Year on the Tenure Track…In a Pandemic

For those who scored the tenure track job–this tells you what to
expect.  As a former department head who mentored a number of faculty
through successful tenure cases, Dr. Karen explains exactly how to lay
the foundation for success in your new job, and avoid common errors. 
Focus on time management, departmental relations, and work life balance.
Newly updated to reflect the profound economic, social, and political
conditions of COVID19 and the Movement for Black Lives.

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Productivity Kickstart and Strategy Session

Academic productivity coach Kellee Weinhold gives a crash course in kickstarting your summer (or your semester) writing and meeting your goals.  In this 90-minute session you will learn *How to identify your real and imagined roadblocks to productivity; *Strategies for overcoming those barriers, using organizational strategies and accountability tools  for daily productivity; *Effective boundary setting (just say no!); *How to create a personalized goal achievement plan, breaking down project components and timelines with daily and weekly goals.

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The Campus Visit

Walks you through the elements of the Campus Visit/Fly-Out.  Explains all the major elements such as the job talk, meetings with faculty, meetings with the Dean, and provides advice and scripts for dealing successfully with all parts.

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How To Write an Academic Job Application, Part I–Cover Letter and CV

Line by line, paragraph by paragraph guidance on how to construct the two most essential elements of the tenure track job application–the cover letter and CV.  Shows the most common mistakes (including hyper-emotionalism and pandering), and how to correct them to showcase the facts and evidence of your record.  Focus on tailoring for specific jobs and institutions.

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How To Write an Academic Job Application, Part II–Teaching Statement and Research Statement

Targeted instruction on conceptualizing, constructing and refining your TS and RS, with special attention to the purpose and common misunderstandings surrounding the Teaching Statement.  Shows you how to construct concrete and memorable documents without falling into trite, hackneyed, saccharine prose.
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Interview Intervention Webinar

Webinar version of the live skype Interview Intervention.  I walk you through the most common errors made by candidates in interviews, and how to correct them.  Includes scripts for successful interviewing preparation.

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The Job Talk Webinar

Delves deeply into the challenges of constructing an effective job talk–starts by explaining the point of the job talk, its role in the campus visit and overall selection process, and what it’s meant to demonstrate in terms of your scholarly project and collegiality.  Includes a template of talk organization, and also addresses how to manage the Q and A after the talk. Led by Kellee Weinhold, who does all of the live Skype Job Talk and Campus Visit Interventions.

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Negotiating Your Tenure Track Job

Walks you through the elements of a typical tenure track job negotiation, explaining what can and can’t be expected based on size, type and rank of institution. Addresses the question of the rescinded offer.  Shows common misunderstandings and pitfalls, and provides scripts for successful negotiations.

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How To Write a Winning Grant

Walks you through the famous Dr. Karen’s Foolproof Grant Template–a template for grant-writing based on the Hero-Narrative of Grant-writing (Here is a critical topic. There is an alarming gap in the literature about it, but never fear– I am here to save the day!  Here’s how).  Astoundingly successful, if used correctly.
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What Grad Students Need To Hear

Targeted for people still in graduate school, this lays out the ways to prepare yourself for the job market no matter how early in your grad school career. Addresses Ph.D. debt, and minimizing the financial impact of graduate school. Shows you how to prioritize among competing demands (research, teaching, service, writing for publication) and create a competitive record without missteps or wasted time or effort.  Targets typical grad student errors misunderstandings about the academic career and how best to prepare for it.  This webinar is meant to counteract the bad advising common in so many graduate departments, which mystifies and obfuscates both the financial risks of the Ph.D., and the steps necessary to create a competitive tenure track job market record from early on.

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Hacking the Academic Presentation

Podium skills are essential for all parts of the academic life–the
job talk of course, but also the conference presentation, teaching, and
the kind of public speaking to broad audiences that we need to
prioritize in this time of assault on higher ed. This webinar walks you
through the ins and outs of a good talk, including organization,
delivery, technology, body language, and dealing with Q and A. It also
addresses the fear, anxiety, and Imposter Syndrome that so often hinder
our public speaking, and shows you how to overcome them.

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Managing Your Career Once You Have a Job

Shows you how to track out a research and teaching trajectory across the 5 years of the probationary period, with an emphasis on the humanities and social science fields.  Focuses on creating an effective Five-Year-Plan, and working backward from your tenure year to plot out specific publishing goals.  Also looks at departmental politics, managing colleagues, handling the demands of teaching, and calculating appropriate levels of service.  Addresses children and work-life balance.  Based on Dr. Karen’s years as a department head mentoring a number of faculty through successful tenure cases.

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How To Publish Your Academic Book

Breaks down the steps of publishing the scholarly monograph, including evaluating presses, pitching projects to editors, writing and submitting proposals, and plotting a timeline for writing in time for third year review and tenure.

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Women and the Academic Career: What Works, What Doesn’t

This workshop examines the obstacles for women in the academic career, with an eye to the tension between structural systems of bias and exclusion, and individual habits of self-sabotage and Imposter Syndrome that result from years of gendered socialization. Special attention paid to the challenges of sexual harassment, managing children and career, avoiding excessive service, effective self-advocacy, and struggles for authority in the classroom and department. We view these through an intersectional lens that considers how race, nationality, sexuality, and class change gendered dynamics in academic settings. The workshop includes role play of self-advocacy scenarios, including refusing excessive service requests and seeking an equity raise. By the end, participants will have information and tools to bring to their careers, job searches, and negotiations.

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How to Apply for a Postdoc in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Explains the core principle of the postdoc application:  showing how you serve the postdoc, not how the postdoc serves you.  Discusses the major elements of the typical postdoc application: the proposal, cover letter, statement of fit, and proposed course.  Includes examples of successful postdoc application writing, and as always, highlights the most common pitfalls and errors besetting the inexperienced postdoc applicant.

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For Grad Students Only: Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job (Special Price: $30)

Strategizing for the academic and non-academic job markets while in graduate school. It is open to students at any stage in their program, including those just starting this fall. Covers the financial risks of a Ph.D. and job placement rate of your graduate program, setting a 5-year timeline to completion, building your CV; also non-academic job prep, including finding mentors, networking, identifying and developing your skills.  Throughout we’ll address ways that you can “stop acting like a grad student” and take charge of your program and your career.

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Targeting Your Skills For a Post-Ac Career (by Margy Horton)

Confronts the incorrect belief held by many Ph.D.s (especially in the humanities) that they don’t have any skills for non-academic jobs. In fact, you have loads of skills, you just haven’t learned to identify and name them as such, and learn to mobilize them for jobs outside the academy.  Dr. Margy Horton gives you a list of 100 possible skills to consider, and walks you through a set of techniques to rewrite your record to be legible for non-academic jobs.

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Hacking the Grad School Application

This webinar with a TPII staffmember who is a current Director of Graduate Studies in the social sciences will walk you through the process of deciding to go to graduate school, choosing programs, completing the application, and making a decision about enrollment and funding.  It goes into specifics about how to write effective application documents, especially your Statement of Purpose and CV.

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    I just found that I have missed the “Hacking the Grad School Application” and “Hacking the Statement of Purpose for Grad School” live webinars, and I couldn’t find them in the Webinar Recordings page. I wonder if there are any ways for me to buy the recordings of the two webinars?

    Thank you very much.

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    I need to understand if the advice and strategies you have can be translated for my needs. Please respond to my request so I can make an informed decision.

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