The Art of the Article

No Articles. No Tenure.

It’s that simple.

The problem is, while publications are the key to a successful academic career, nobody teaches you how to write them.

You are Not Alone

From our informal polling and conversations with clients, we know that most graduate students receive little training on writing for peer review. Editors tell us about the ill-prepared, poorly-articulated manuscripts that immediately get a desk rejection. 

You’re Already an Expert

You’ve collected the data and read the literature. You know your sources and when you talk about your research, it sounds crystal clear. You KNOW something’s not right, but the problem is, you don’t know how to fix it. You don’t have a system for putting your thoughts and research together into an article that’s coherent, well-structured, and persuasively argued — one that editors will accept for review. 

So you resort to one of the following: Falling into an endless submitted-rejected loop (where you pray you’ll learn through trial and error), or even worse, you never submit at all.

Imagine being able to confidently write your manuscript in just 60 days, and developing a system for writing all of your articles. A system that banishes the shame, fear, and crippling confusion that *used to* come with writing something in a form you have rarely written in if at all.

The Art of the Article is for you.

Have you done the research and have the results but are unclear about how to write a journal article? Has your advisor’s most “helpful” advice been, “You need to publish in top-tier journals”? Do you keep “intending” to start your article but somehow never get past reading endlessly in preparation for the lit review? Are you afraid of pressing the submit button?

“I can’t say enough about the Art of the Article program! The content continues to inspire me to take the time out of my teaching frenzy to sit down with actionable steps and goals and make progress on my publishing goals. Jane and Kel expertly identified and outlined the hard work behind making decisions about where to submit and how to set yourself up to not only get published, but also how to build a support network for constructive feedback, help with future publications, and interpreting revisions and rejections. This is a “system” I will be using for years to come (for articles and a book proposal) and would highly recommend the Art of the Article to any one working toward publication.”

Practical Guidance

One of the things that we know about the Academy is that it is designed to teach you to think about your work but not necessarily how to write about it. Most guidance typically occurs post production, framed as “No, not that way.”

The Art of the Article, created and facilitated by Dr. Jane Jones of Up In Consulting and Kel Weinhold of the Professor is In, flips that script. The 10-week, self-directed online course is designed to walk you step by step through not only the thinking but also the structural requirements for an academic journal article. In other words, we show you how to get where you are going BEFORE you start, which speeds up the time to submission.

Dear Jane and Kel, Thank you so much for this course which has changed my writing habits and my approach to article writing. The course and coaching demystify article writing sweeping away all unnecessary, unproductive, negative thoughts and fears that one can embrace without even realising it. What is left after those have gone is a good structure that enables access to the pleasure of writing and the excitement to share your work to the wider community and join the conversation! I am now recommending the course to every PhD student I am in contact with and totally think this course should be part of their curriculum

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Specific Strategies

The 10 steps, delivered one week at a time, provide a roadmap to a messy first draft of your IMRDC article. (Introduction; Methodology; Results of the Research; Discussion; Conclusion.) Each step is structured to 1) move you steadily through the standard elements of an article for academic publication and 2) identify (and overcome!) the mental barriers that keep you from success.

Week One: Select A Journal
In this module, we demystify the journal selection process and show you how to enter the intellectual community with confidence. You’ll learn how improve your chances of acceptance. 
Week Two: Why You? Why Now? 
We tackle one of the biggest writing obstacles head-on: How to explain your  contribution to the literature. You’ll learn to banish the “who am I to say this?” dread.
Week Three: Writing Your Abstract and Argument
Through a method we refer to as “Abstract as Lighthouse,” we show you how to create a beacon to guide you writing your entire article.You’ll learn how to get an editor’s attention – and keep it
Week Four: The Messy Outline
We teach you how to use an outline as both a writing tool and a planning tool. You’ll learn to save time by gaining clarity with each step. 
Week Five: Methods
We teach you how to discuss the “how” of your article and why it matters. You’ll learn to build trust and establish your credibility with your audience. 
Week Six: Literature ReviewWe teach you how to put the literature in its place: in the service of your research. You’ll learn how to let go of the “just one more source” thinking that stalls your progress.
Week Seven: ResultsWe teach you how to showcase your findings in a way that highlights the unique contribution of your work. You’ll learn to claim your place in the conversation.
Week Eight: DiscussionWe teach you how to demonstrate the significance of your research without hyperbole or understatement.You’ll learn how to move from telling to showing, providing clear evidence for why your work is worth engaging with.
Week Nine: Intro/ConclusionWe teach you how to get to the point, make your case and get out.
You learn how to keep even the busiest reader paying attention. 
Week Ten: Wrap It UpWe teach you tools to evaluate your own work and solicit helpful feedback. You’ll learn how to make a game plan to move forward with confidence.

NOTE: The content is “dripped” one week at a time over 10 weeks, but your access to the course and the community does not expire. We expect (and hope!) that you will use it over and over again until the process is second nature.

I was one of the beta-testers of the Art of the Article, and I can only say this product is *fantastic*! Since doing it, I have submitted one journal article and started a new one. I was feeling quite some trepidation starting the new one, then I went back to these materials and it was incredibly helpful to have the clarity of ‘first do this’ and then ‘now do this other thing’. It’s a seriously impressive process to get to the product we need – journal articles. Money exceptionally well spent.”

Associate Professor

Multiple Points of Engagement

Membership includes access to step-by-step instructions, worksheets, coaching videos with Developmental Editor Dr. Jane Jones and TPII Productivity Coach Kel Weinhold, the “Editor’s Vault” where we have recordings of Q&A’s with editors, as well as interaction with a writing community via a private social network. Read more here about how the course came to be.

Personalized Feedback

Dr. Jane Jones also offers a live “Abstract Hot Seat” where participants in the course can submit their abstract for immediate feedback.

No Waiting

A new cohort of The Art of the Article starts each Monday of every month.

To join the next session, sign up by Friday at 5 p.m. Pacific.


Single Payment $585

Two Payments $295 (x2) ($590 Total)

Weekly Payment $60 (x10) ($600 Total)


  • Installment payments begin at registration not the course start date
  • Failure to pay the agreed upon installments will result in cancellation of all access to the program. The online course system does not allow for partial access.

I just wanted to say that I LOVED Unstuck – use it every day! I am also LOVING the Art of the Article which I am about half way through now!