Introducing More #Post-Ac Experts: Tina Fanetti and Jason Tebbe

One of my main goals in launching the Post-Ac help at The Professor Is In is to make sure I have people on my Panel of Post-Ac Experts who represent many of the major areas of opportunity for people with Ph.D.s.  Today I am introducing Jason Tebbe and Tina Fanetti.  Jason works as a teacher in a private high school, and Tina works for the U.S. government.  Their posts will illuminate the things you need to know if you’re interested in pursuing those routes.

Dr. Jason Tebbe

Jason Tebbe

Jason Tebbe is a former academic who has been teaching for three years at an independent high school in New York City.  He received his PhD in German History from the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign in 2006, and went on to be a visiting professor for two years and an assistant professor for three years after that before seeing the light.  He is the author of the blog Notes from the Ironbound  (KK: where he has excellent post-ac content) and still maintains active research projects on the history of memory and travel.  Find him on Twitter at @wernerherzbear.

Jason has a number of posts planned.  The first is called “Killing the Prof to Save the Person.”  The next is about the differences between teaching high school and being a professor, and it will be called “Teaching Teenagers Without Tweed Armor.” The third post is about how to apply and transition to high school teaching, and called “Learning To Speak A New Educational Language: Applying For Private School Jobs.”

Jason’s Consulting Philosophy:

I am a former academic with experience on both the contingent and tenure tracks who has made the transition to teaching at an independent high school in Manhattan.  Having recently made this change, I have a lot of expertise in applying for jobs at private schools, and plenty of advice on how to navigate the culture of private schools, which differs quite a bit from the academic application process.  I can provide tips for finding jobs, fashioning application materials, interviewing, and adjusting to life in a new profession.

 Dr. Tina Fanetti

Tina Fanetti

Dr. Tina M. Fanetti currently works as a Survey Specialist for the National Agricultural Statistics Service, part of the United States Department of Agriculture.  Dr. Fanetti graduated from the University of Missouri –St. Louis in 2011 with a Ph. D. in Education, Teaching and Learning Processes, with an emphasis in science education.  In addition to a Ph. D., Dr. Fanetti has Masters’ degrees in Physics and Astrophysics.  In her free time, Tina enjoys hiking, landscape and macro-photography and quilting. Email Tina at

Tina’s first post is titled, “Breaking Into Government: The Pathways Program.”

[Tina is not available for consulting]

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