The Art of the Cover Letter is Live!

The Art of the Cover Letter is now live!

The Art of the Cover Letter ($79) is a 10-module self-guided course, all-online, available anytime 24/7, that walks you step by step through the planning, info-gathering, writing, and editing of your academic job cover letter. Includes worksheets that teach you how to a) grasp and frame your record for the purposes of job market competition; b) collect all pertinent material in one place and hone it down to cover letter appropriate language; c) refine and edit the complete cover letter to avoid pitfalls like excessive humility, desperation, bragging, emotionalism, self-sabotage, etc. And at each step it includes short videos by me, Dr. Karen, that keep you focused on the big picture of the job search.

Work at your own pace, develop your own materials, learn what you need to say, and how you need to say it!

The Art of the Cover Letter is fast, individualized, and affordable.

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Why are we offering The Art of the Cover Letter? 

Because every Fall scores and scores of you can’t get on my calendar in time for your job deadlines or are living on a grad student or adjunct budget that won’t allow for my in-person editing rates.  You want and need help on your cover letter that goes deeper than the blog and the book, is more individualized than the webinar recordings, but costs less than individual editing.

What do you get with The Art of the Cover Letter? 

Once you purchase the online course, you get immediate access to a 10-module program that walks you through each element of the cover letter, from the salutation to the sign-off, with assigned readings in my book The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job (which you must own to do the program) and on the blog.

Each module includes worksheets that lead you from the mental process of recognizing the content from your record that “counts,” through the challenge of condensing that content into effective, concise, fact-based language, and finally to the work of refining it into memorable paragraphs that frame your expertise in ways that work for the job market.

Each worksheet also provides you with examples of effective language to describe research, contribution, publications, next project, teaching, diversity, and tailoring.

And you get 10 short videos from me, Dr. Karen, reminding you what search committees are looking for when they read each section of a letter.  I show you how you can avoid the most common forms of self-sabotage, and what you can do to produce an effective, compelling letter that delivers the facts of your record, tailored to the job, without desperation, pandering, hyper-emotionalism, or bragging.

What don’t you get with Art of the Cover Letter?

Personal editing help from Dr. Karen or any live person!  This is entirely a self-guided course. (Once you have completed the program, you do have the option to purchase an ACL-Followup Edit for an additional fee, if you want Dr. Karen and her editing staff to give your letter a single final edit.)

How much does The Art of the Cover letter cost?

It costs $79.  We worked hard to make something accessible to those on an adjunct or grad student budget.

Art of the Cover Letter

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The Art of the Cover Letter is Live! — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Karen – How much content of the Art of the Cover Letter is geared towards those who are several years in an on the hunt for their second TT job? As a scientist 4 years in, I’ve found your book to be incredibly useful, but definitely geared towards those still working on their first TT position. I’m hoping your course might have some advice on detailing letters for those of us who already have a considerable portfolio of work behind us.

    • I think it will help! I do stop at 2 points to articulate how to reorder the letter to account for a more advanced career. the components are mostly the same (except you’d include an admin/service paragraph) so in terms of explaining the content, it will all be usable. I’d also be willing to send you a template that lays out the proper order in a schematic. (you’d need to email me at after your purchase).

  2. Hello! I already purchased and went through your recorded webinar on the CV and cover letter. Will the information in this course extend on the information on cover letters from the webinar, or will there be a lot of repetition? Living on a small grad student stipend, so trying to avoid unnecessary purchases 🙂 Thanks!

    • good question. I think it will be helpful actually because it goes into WAY more detail. But the most hel;ful, if you can swing it financially, is to have me edit your CL. That is $180 so iknow it’s a big price difference, but I feel like with the webinar foundation and then the line edits, you’d have an optimal outcome. But if that’s impossible, AoA is very good and muchmore explicit about where people go wrong in each para and how to avoid.

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