Reflections On Our Way to Europe

As this goes out to you today, I am on my way, accompanied by my partner in crime Kellee Weinhold, to Scotland to start a month-long speaking tour of Scotland, England, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Here’s the schedule:

University of Aberdeen: April 25-26
University of St. Andrews: April 27
University of Edinburgh: April 29
Kings College London: May 3
London School of Economics: May 4
University of Oxford: May 6
University of Cambridge: May 9
University of Warwick: May 10
Roskilde University, Denmark: May 12
University of Zurich, Switzerland: May 19

I’ll be speaking mainly about the US academic job market, but also, at different points, about the post-ac transition, interviewing, and academic leadership for women.

Here’s where we’re going, pictorially:


University of Aberdeen


University of St. Andrews (founded 1413)


University of Edinburgh


Oxford University

(Kellee and I will be having dinner at High Table at Worcester College, Oxford, invited by historian Josephine Quinn)


Dinner at High Table, Oxford


Cambridge University


Roskilde University (ah, Denmark…)


University of Zurich

There are moments when you wonder, how did I get from where I was, to where I am now?  And you marvel. This is one of those moments.  That is all.

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Reflections On Our Way to Europe — 3 Comments

  1. Karen, it’s great to hear you’ll be stopping by Cambridge – TPII has been so helpful! Could you please share details of the time and place of your talk on 9 May, or even just the particular college or department that’s hosting you? Cambridge is extraordinarily decentralized, and we can’t figure out how to find you. Thanks!

    • I’ll be at Cambridge on May 9, hosted by Steve Joy of the Careers Service. The whole event is 1-5, but i’m not sure if it’s all open. Check with STeve! Hope you can come!

      • Thanks so much, Karen! I’ll keep an eye on the Careers Service website (and tell PhDs and post-docs of my acquaintance to come, too, if they can). Safe travels!

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