#MakeupMonday: Tightlining is the Bomb

First, two funny makeup things.


And: “I Don’t Wear Makeup For Men, I Wear It Because I Love Supporting Corporations” from Reductress:

Thanks to the free market, there is an ever-growing number of corporations that produce and sell makeup products, and I feel a personal drive to support them in any way I can. For example: When Revlon first announced their new line of lipliner, I was less interested in feeling a sense of feminine power, and more interested in the opportunity to directly support Revlon, which is a subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes. Yes, the MacAndrews & Forbes!!! If you’re not a corporo-ho like me, this might not ring a bell, but MacAndrews & Forbes is owned wholly by corporate billionaire bae Ronald Perelman. I’m a huge fan!

Thus capturing the various ambivalences of being a feminist makeup user in 2018.

Anyway, as promised two weeks ago: the upper waterline lining technique I’m now addicted to, called tighlining.  This is where you dot or line beneath and between your upper lashes, for an amazing effect! 

This might sound esoteric, but it’s actually really easy and kind of obvious once you try it the first time.  It’s a “why didn’t we think of this before?” kind of technique.  Read about it here and just google “Tightlining” for many other useful tutorials.

The piece I linked to above uses a brush and pigment pot, which I’m sure is great, but I actually used a product I had sitting around my stash, which I got in one of my many sample hauls:  Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.

Now, I am actually not a huge Stila fan.  I know people swear by this brand, but I never find that it’s “stay all day” products actually stay even part of the day, or like even an hour or two.  I just don’t get it.  But this particular eyeliner, used for tightlining, has been extraordinary.  Effortless, quick, and exactly the look I’m seeking.  And very lasting!  Also because it’s EXTREMELY dark and very “wet” it applies like a dream.  This is in contrast to two other liquid eyeliners I had around, a Steve Laurant from some old Ipsy bag, and a MAC, that I got at Nordstrom Rack super cheap a year or so ago. Neither of these worked for tightlining, because the product is more dry, and so doesn’t adhere to the waterline without a lot of strife and struggle.

Also, the Stila Eyeliner also comes in a variety of colors – ie a lighter brown for those with ligher lashes, or blues and greens and purples for those who are daring, AND it comes in a micro-tip option, which might be even better for tightlining.  I use basic black, and I’m very pleased with it for this technique.

Unlike lining the lower waterline, which can shrink the eye and be harsh on older faces, tightlining has a lifting and opening effect. Particularly for anyone with sparse lashes, it would be transformative!  And it’s subtle–so very doable for campus wear.  It just basically makes you look like you have 2x the lashes.

I’m really bad at precise makeup-selfies (I need a millenial to teach me!) but here are some efforts to demonstrate how it looks.

Notice I’m also now doing a nude(r) lip for summer!  And… can you see the contouring?  I’m enjoying experimenting with that these days and promise a post soon. Miyako is home for the summer so we’re doing lots of research on products and, particularly, brushes.

Stay tuned!

Professor Katy Pearce won this week’s random drawing for a package of unused or barely used samples and full size items from my stash!  Remember: just comment on FB and I’ll use random.org to pick one commenter at random for a box of makeup/skincare samples and items.  This week’s package includes Blinc Lash Primer (a cult item that unfortunately I am allergic to), Smashbox UnderEye Primer  – I use Becca so this is almost full – and things by Laura Mercier and Peter Thomas Roth.

Let’s keep this up – it’s fun hearing your thoughts about makeup and I still have more stuff to give away!  But this time, please comment on Facebook with a photo or video related in some direct or indirect way to makeup.  Don’t let me be the only one posting makeup selfies!

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