#MakeupMonday: F*ck Trump Edition

We all know it is not possible to buy our way to political empowerment (indeed some TPII clients are doing great feminist analysis of the limits and agendas of commodity feminism), but your wallet also does have some power and if you’re going to be buying things, you can try and focus your purchasing on companies that do good work.

In that light, I’m pleased to introduce Lipslut, a company that created the Fuck Trump lipcolor, which raised $40K for victims of Charlottesville, within a week of launching last fall.

50% of their proceeds go toward a progressive charity. From their website:

“How are our campaign charities chosen?

With every lipstick purchased comes an opportunity to submit a vote for your favorite charity. At the end of our campaigns we’ll tally the results, and winners will be announced by popular vote.”

I just recently learned about the company, and decided to buy the FT lipcolor for myself to share here on #MakeupMonday and for the dedicated and ferociously anti-trump and lipstick-loving TPII staff.

Here it is – a really pretty rosey pink cool toned shade.  A bit brighter than I usually wear but I really like it.

Full disclosure: does not wear for a billion hours like my Beauty Bakerie and other long-wear lipcolors but like most matte liquid lipcolors, it stays for a good while.

I’m also super fond of the concept of their “Leftylibglobalistsantifacommiesocialisthollyweirdopigs” lipcolor, named after some feedback they got from an online troll!

As they describe it:

“Leftylib-yada yada matte liquid lipstick is a deepcoolberrypurplishbluetoneplumredwine because apparently real words are limiting now.

You asked for it weirdos, so here it is. To be honest, we can’t believe we’re making it either.


I love an indie makeup company that walks the talk and has a sense of humor while doing it!

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