#MakeupMonday: As Seen On TV!

OK, most of us don’t really see things on TV per se, anymore – now it’s all targeted social media ads. But anyway, I am here today to share that I have traveled far, far down this road. The fact is, Facebook Ads get me. They really do. They are mine, and I am theirs.

And now I own four things that FB delivered up to my consciousness, and I absolutely love all of them.

Here they are:

  1. MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes

What can I say? This and only this has finally solved my false lashes quest. I cannot and will not use glue-on types – even when I can get them to work (about 35% of the time) I cannot get glued lashes clean enough afterward to reuse, and I am not about to throw them out and use a new pair every time.

But MoxieLash? Whoa—it really works! You apply a thin line of magnetic liner, then stick on your magnetic lashes, and THEY STICK! And then they pop back off, and you put them in their little magnetic holder, and then use them again the next day!

Bonus: you can use any magnetic lash with the liner. In other words, you can score some Ardell at TJ Maxx for $6.99 or get them BOGO at Sally Beauty or wherever, and use those! You aren’t trapped into using $35 MoxieLash lashes. And truth be told, I kind of prefer the Ardell.

Note: I cut my false lashes into fragments of about a quarter inch to half inch in length and apply them ONLY to the outer corners of my eyes. This is all I really want or need to have an impact that is still what I consider appropriate to my age and style. No massive fake lashes for me!

Protip: Applying the thick liner in a line thick enough to work, but thin enough to be (what I consider) age- and academic workplace-appropriate takes practice and a skilled hand and a very, very good brush. The brush they give you is ok, but not great. I have found far better results with this odd little “bent” brush from Sephora.

2. Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron

Don’t be put off by the truly scary looking pictures on the website. This thing works, and used well, produces natural looking results that truly last–as in, to day two and day three between washings. Basically it crimps your hair at its base, and as long as you leave an uncrimped layer on top, to cover it, it stays invisible. On my short, thick, heavy hair, it works wonders to give lift up at the crown of my head.

Protip: It takes practice–don’t give up. Use the clips they provide to section off your hair. The trick is figuring out which hair to crimp, and how long to crimp it for, and then how best to manage the hair on top. I found using a regular straightener there makes for an A+ outcome.

3) Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

I know, I know, I have sworn by my Eyeko Sport Mascara for over two years now! But lately I’ve been unhappy with the formula–i feel like it’s different, and clumpy, and hard to manage. So I’ve been starting to look around for something new. And FB was right there, anticipating my needs in a way that is not creepy at all.

And finally, I gave in, and made the Causemetics purchase, and…. wow, it’s FANTASTIC. It goes on slick and smooth, no clumps at all, and stays buildable through a couple of coats.

As you might remember, I have two non-negotiables with mascara: that it is mega- super- extra- long-lasting (even through dance classes), and that I’m not allergic to it (which is DIFFERENT from “hypoallergenic,” because I am frequently allergic to things that are allegedly hypoallergenic). So far, Thrive Causemetics has passed both with flying colors (although I want to put it through a few more tests and I’ll report back). BTW, I’m also trying out Eyeko Beach Waterproof just to see, but reviews say that it’s almost impossible to remove, while I can vouch that Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions washes right off–like all brands that use awesome Korean tubing technology always do. It’s the best!

4. BeautyBakerie Lip Whip

This is my original “As Seen on the Internet” love, and it’s still the Gold Standard. And don’t just believe me! It’s so good that the brand’s been picked up by Ulta! Every item I’ve tried from this black-woman-owned brand has been superb, and I wear Syruptitious Lip Whip almost every single day. Trust me–if you like a truly opaque matte lipcolor, and want one that won’t budge for like 72 hours (or until you literally remove it with a dedicated lipcolor remover) — this is your jam.

Hey– Let’s bring back the giveaway!

Comment ON FACEBOOK about your #Makeup (or #Skincare) life, and I’ll randomly pick a commenter to get a package of unused or barely used skincare and makeup samples – mostly prestige brands! While I recently donated a huge bag of these to a friend in Eugene who has launched her own small business and wanted some products to use for a new video marketing series she’s planning, I still have some to share!

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  1. I bought this in the color Mon Cheri and it is a beautiful vibrant blue based red. This color is not for the timid. The staying power is awesome and it lasted through several drinks and dinner of baked ziti without any transfer or crackling. It wears comfortably and doesn’t have that thick, uncomfortable feel when I lick my lips. This is an absolute winner!

  2. Dermalmd really does make your lashes growing πŸ™‚ but it takes 5-6 weeks to actually see results with nightly applications

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