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About a year ago I found a Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop for $6 at TJMaxx in the color “Headliner” and I fell completely and totally in love. I fell in love with it even though it is utterly impossible to apply (being shaped like a toddler crayon) and has no staying power whatsoever. It is truly a stupid product, except that… except that… the color is unbelievable.

I mean, look at it! It’s like a raspberry…. but also a rose. It’s not too purple, not too pink, not too magenta, not too berry … Which turns out, is basically unheard of. I’ve spent the last year trying to match it in a product that will actually stay on, to no avail. Every time I get close, and think I’ve found it, I discover, when I put them side by side, that alas, no. The products that look like it in the tube come out … just wrong. Mostly, too fuscia.

In despair, I figured out that if I paint it on with a lip brush, and line it with a Clinique Quickliner Intense lipliner, I can at least solve the application problem, and by layering and blotting patiently, I can coax a tiny bit of wear out of it. Here it is after dance class.

But finally, I decided…. if I love this raspberry-rose shade so much, why not just make it my new go-to color palette? Ie, just start buying in the color family, and see what happens. I have adored my go-to Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Syruptitious, but it’s a really cool rose-neutral and I’m tired of neutrals! I want to break out! I want to wear something that stands out, that’s more of a statement. I want to be vivid! And while I adore Beauty Bakerie Take Me To Pomegranate and Cranberry Stiletto – those are strong reds, not this family of berry/rose.

By the way, this is very much a rage against the machine moment for me. I am 54 years old and the fact is, at this age, I *should* be invisible. I should just be fading into the scenery and not making a spectacle of myself. And I say, in 2019, fuck that. I will not go quietly into that good night. I will be loud and flamboyant, and queer and femme, and sexy and large–in all senses of the word. And for me, this is all encapsulated in a brilliant berry-colored lipstick.

So I took advantage of Ulta’s 20% off coupon this week (ends April 18!), and went to my local Ulta and tried some options.

<— In this pic left to right are my original Marc Jacobs KissPop, Stila Stay-All-Day in Bacca, Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink in Artist, Ruler, and (a seasonal shade) Fearless, and Nars PowerMatte Lip Pigment in American Woman. Full disclosure, I’ve been wearing the Nars for a few months now–i just finally sprang for a full size (I had a deluxe sample!) As you can see, it’s very much a cool neutral like Syruptitious, so as much as I love it, it’s not really part of the new direction.

And then in a huge departure, I strayed from my liquid lipcolors, and also got Smashbox Ultimate Lipstick in Jam On It and Fig!

Since then I’ve worn one a day and so far I adore them all! It’s giving me life to wear these vivid standout colors, and reactions have been awesome. I wore one to dance class and my teacher stopped in the middle of a step to peer at me and say “damn, you look hot today!” Mission accomplished, I say. That was Smashbox Jam day.

Blotchy Jam

The Smashbox Fig, sadly, is absolutely gorgeous (actually a terrific match) but no real staying power. Better than the Marc Jacobs, but just not the level I like and need. You can see it starting to fade unevenly in this pic, for example–and that’s just after running a few errands.

But the Maybelline? OMG. They STICK. And, they have just a tad more sheen and give to them than the ultra-matte, ultra-opaque Beauty Bakerie LipWhips. Here I am yesterday in Ruler, feeling very pleased.

Today’s experiment: Maybelline Fearless. It’s definitely a bit more brown than I want, but with its deep purpley mauve undertone, it’s still pretty cool!

Spectacular staying power through dance—->

<——And here’s a bit more long-wear evidence — about 24 hours after the first pic, as you can see the Marc Jacobs is nearly gone. The Stila is half-gone (I’ve never been a huge fan of this *supposedly but not really long-wear* product but I wanted to try the color), the Nars is decent, and and the Maybellines are still going strong.

Tomorrow, Maybelline Artist. I will continue to report back!

Update: Reporting back with Maybelline Artist!

I like it!!! It’s not exactly the Marc Jacobs – once again it is missing that particular rose cast – but dayummmm, it’s nice!

Update 2: Smashbox Jam On It! Kel likes this one a tad better than yesterday’s Maybelline. I like it a lot but as you can see below, it is missing the lovely sheen (it IS a matte product tho). (Also using a fuscia-toned lip pencil which i do NOT like but ignore that).

Update 3: Today on FB Live I had on the Stila Stay-All-Day in Bacca. I liked it but it was pretty fuscia, and more problematically, it wore off after ONE CUP OF COFFEE. UGH this product drives me nuts because they claim it’s long-wear and it simply IS NOT.

Next: Trying what y’all suggested on FB! Pat McGrath and Givenchy (plus two awesome samples–YSL and Laura Mercier!)

I’m pleased to announce that we have a winner of last week’s Sample Pack giveaway, Megan Von Bergen, a PhD student in English at UT Knoxville (name shared with permission)! To enter this week’s, please just comment on the Facebook thread with some substantive comment related to lipcolor, makeup in general, skincare, or any other related topic. I’ll choose one commenter at random, using the online Random Number Generator.

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#MakeupMonday: My New Colors — 12 Comments

  1. I don’t wear lipstick but always admire people who can pull it off. Sometimes I branch out and try some on but it just never feels right! That Marc Jacob’s though…of all the colors pictured it is the best even of those close in hue. Have fun continuing to experiment!

  2. I am loving the colours! Have you tried MACs prep + prime for lips? It feels a bit like lip balm, you let it dry until its tacky and then add your favourite lippy. It has revolutionised my lipstick wearing because I can choose colours I like rather than ones that stick. Give it a try -it’s a game changer

  3. Have you tried Peripera’s Ink Velvet? It’s a Korean brand and they have a ton of colors. They last all day and go on so well. I usually hate the feel of a matte lip but I don’t hate these. You can find them on Amazon but also some of the CVS locations carry them in store.

  4. Today I checked out your website, which I had not visited in a few years.
    Turns out you now are… advertising cosmetics…
    That is sad.
    Would your R1 university not take you back?

  5. Yay for you, 50-something, gorgeous, smart, sparky creature that you are. From another 50-something woman: we do not have to be invisible. In fact, we can be very visible and painted or not painted in any way we choose. Shame on the shamer-pants above. I, for one, am taking notes.

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