Esteemed Gentlemen of the Internet:

July 4, 2019

Esteemed Gentlemen of the Internet:

I want to thank you for your generous and enthusiastic participation in the public scholarship project, “I’ve Heard Enough From Old White Men.” Your energetic contributions to several related comment threads (to be found here, and also here) on The Professor Is In Facebook page – regarding an incident revolving around my Tshirt with the message, “I’ve Heard Enough From Old White Men”* — have provided a valuable insight into the operations of troll, incel and incel-adjacent communities online in 2019.

There has already been considerable excellent scholarship dedicated to this important topic (see, for example:  Gorman 2019, Phillips 2015, Zuckerberg 2018). I hope that you may find these resources useful as you move forward in your work.

However, as we know, language and culture are not fixed, but always evolving, and so this snapshot of troll culture in Summer 2019 will provide valuable data to scholars of internet troll culture moving forward. Your painstakingly assembled comment set has already been shared with several scholars for their doctoral research. Some of your contributions may even be featured in a doctoral dissertation in a few years’ time! Congratulations!

You have already been so generous with your time that I hate to impose further. At the same time, your generosity is such that it seems no amount of time is too great for your willing participation in this project.  I want to give particular recognition to the gentlemen who went to the trouble of contributing from his wife’s hospital room during the birth of his first child!

Figure 1:

Thus I will allow myself to further impose upon your good will to ask a few follow-up questions below. 

Before, that, however, please do know that we have taken your contributions thus far to heart. We have understood that those of us who identify as female are ugly, fat, crazy, have big noses, and strange eyebrows (this is a point about which we are seeking further clarification, however), have alarming sun damage (thank you for your concern!) and also that no man will ever want to have sex with us, that our Daddies will certainly not be coming back, and that we will certainly and without a doubt die alone surrounded by cats, who will eat our faces.  (Speaking just for myself, I am unfortunately allergic to cats, so in my case I will be surrounded by bunnies, who, being herbivores, will not be able to eat my face, but they will certainly destroy all my Mac cords, furniture, and clothes. We do what we can.)

While we deplore this inevitable fate, we take heart that at least for the tiny amount of time left to us as pitiful and worthless Boomers, we can continue to pursue our studies of your valuable work! We regret that our studies do prevent us from making you sandwiches at the present time, but will revisit this possibility when we have all lost our jobs, as you have foretold. Speaking again just for myself, I can only deplore my failed business, which has failed continuously for a decade, as well as my simultaneously desperate and completely boring attention-seeking efforts to boost the pitiful Facebook profile of 62,000 fans, on which you shared your thoughts.

Similarly those who identify as men among us understand that they are cucks, and also betas, and emasculated.  I wish I had additional insight on the identity and fate of scholarly men, but alas, since I only look like an old man, I cannot (even with the benefit of a partner who also looks like an old man), speak authoritatively on this point.

As they say in the legal profession it has also been “asked and answered,” that we scholars and academics in this and related fields are: a) worthless to society b) bad professors c) harming the children d) incompetent at any activity except teaching.  Good heavens, don’t tell the Dean, LOL! 

Particularly since the things we research never happened, as you so rightly point out.

We are, however, grateful for your stunning insight: “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”; it is the discovery of such new and original ideas that spurs us on in our work!

It is only unfortunate that some of us, being Jewish, are poisoning society in the process.

However, as a lesbian, I was moved by the LGBTQ+ sensitivity you bring to the project:

Ambular Encinias: I get it you’re a feminazi, who probably cucks her husband, or wife, whatever… ”

More broadly, noting with sadness your conclusions that the wider university community is racist/intolerant/deluded/idiot liberals/social justice warriors/performatively “woke,” we thus acknowledge that we alone are responsible for the election of Trump and that because of us, Trump will continue on as President for the foreseeable future.

It is the least I can do, to express my gratitude, to share with you a database of your comments. The database is below, and has also been provided to scholars active in the field of Internet Troll/Incel Studies. My only regret is that it is incomplete; I made efforts to include all major categories of comments, but in the interests of time, did not include redundancies and repetitions—unfortunately, with 3500+ comments, I’m afraid I must point out that there were just a few redundancies and repetitions!

Please peruse at your leisure.

In addition, I took the liberty of creating a preliminary taxonomy of your comment categories. In the interest of cultural sensitivity, I have retained your native parlance as closely as possible; please forgive any language-learner errors of syntax or word choice, etc.  This taxonomy is in Figure 2:

Figure 2: Taxonomy of Troll, Incel, and Incel-Adjacent Responses to “I’ve Heard Enough From Old White Men” Incident on Facebook

1) it never happened; of all the things that never happened this never happened the most; etc.
2) you are an ugly, bitter, fat old lady with big/saggy boobs;
3) you will end up living alone with cats who will eat your faces
4) Boomers suck;
5) white men created the best civilization; white men freed the slaves
6) Trump 2025;
7) “I’ve heard enough from feminazi cunt bitchez” ;
8) you are a terrible professor/of course you are a professor
9) “terrible things will befall you and your ilk and EVeRyOne WilL LaUgH aT YoU haAHAhAhA VENGEANCE IS MIIIIINE”
10) you are crazy;
11) You’re the real racist;
12) Projection!!!!
13) You look like a man; you are a man; your partner is/looks like a man;
14) Thanks for getting Trump reelected;
15) Attention seeker!
16) Stunning and brave/brave and stunning;
17) JEWSSSSSSSS [should burn in ovens, etc.]
18) Ur stoooooopid
19) I haz the sex but you does not haz the sex
20) “and then everyone clapped”

And assorted poorly executed cartoon memes of a) frogs; b) faces with tears and masks; etc.

This taxonomy was compiled quickly, so please excuse any oversights. Several of my colleagues (see Gokey 2019) have already pointed out the absence of one of your most effective techniques, the Straw Man Argument, for example: when presented with “Some men are sexist, even if they are liberal” you so rightly respond: “SO YOU THINK ALL MEN ARE TERRIBLE AND SHOULD BE EXECUTED, HUH? YOU’RE A CRAZY OLD SNOWFLAKE!!”

It is my humble hope that this taxonomy, as well as the complete database below, may help your community further refine its trolling practices moving forward. 

As I mentioned above, some of us have a few follow-up questions. May we make so bold as to ask you to indulge us further in responding to them?

Here they are:

1) Why do you hate cats?

Thank you again, gentlemen, for your efforts and dedication to the troll and incel cause.  And let me close by saying that although we are pleased and humbled by your praise, please do not consider us brave and stunning/stunning and brave! We cannot accept so much credit!  We are just doing our jobs.

Wishing you the best as you seek additional methods of confronting and expressing your impotence, political and otherwise.


Karen Kelsky and The Professor Is In Community



“Sharing from my personal page. (update: the banning and blocking commences. Further Update: I’ve started collecting all the Incel-threads for a blog post and to make available to scholars working on internet trolling and Incel-culture; several have requested. )


Today at the Immigrant Justice rally in Eugene, I wore my “I’ve heard enough from old white men” T-shirt.

An old (hippie) white man walking by read my shirt, stopped and shook his head vehemently. “This is wrong. I’m an elder, and a shaman, and I HAVE THINGS TO SAY.”

“No,” I said, turning to look him straight in the face. “I don’t care and I am not interested.”

“But I know things!”

“I don’t care.”

“This is what the corporations want! For us to turn against each other!”

“Whatever. I do not need to hear from you.”

“Anyway I’m not even white! I am half-Cherokee.”

“OHHHHH NO,” I say, holding up my hand. “DO NOT EVEN.”

He walks off.

I stop to do a gut-check. Is this really what I want to say to old hippie white men who are attending anti-concentration camp rallies in Eugene, Oregon?

I reflect.

Dude’s FIRST INSTINCT in reaction to me just standing there in that t-shirt is to come at me claiming his right to speak.

“No” is EXACTLY what I want to say.

Old hippie dude is part of the problem (just like Bernie S.). I have NO more time or patience for that in 2019. I am done. That time is #over.



BJ Kyzar That face. So smug. So punchable. Keep being a part of the problem.

Jacob Smith You’re dumb.

Randall Ewing I cant wait until you’re old so your opinion wont matter anymore. Old white men were raised by old white women like you’re going to be.

Scott LaBossiere The Professor Is In. Ur a typical uninformed liberal ass get s clue I ignorant closed minded woman u actually look like man ppl like u should not be teaching our kids and figures u block anyone who distress with u. Your nothing but a self hating white person and a misandrist oh and btw they detention centers are not concentration camps no comparison. They came here voluntarily not forced and need to come here legally moron and where were u when obama bush and Clinton were enforcing this policy hypocrisy right here.

Jake HossinThe Professor Is In. But youve purposely made yourself look like a white man…

Sean DonahueThe Professor Is In. I see things like this and think it just adds to the adage of “those who can’t, teach.” I see someone who never went out into the world to accomplish anything think they have some valuable insight into how the world works beyond the books they read. How can you really give advice on something you never accomplished yourself? Maybe you should ask that old white man you shouted at.

Bert Stone Beware black women, these Jewish lesbians have targeted your money as a source of income.

Bert Stone Matthew Paolucci Callahan she makes racial posts claiming to be sick of old white men, I am sick of old jewish women, she should go to Israel and welcome refugees there, and help PoC over there, where there is an apartheid ethnostate. we in America lead the world in diversity, so she should go somewhere like Israel where they are struggling with diversity.

E Pluribus Unum And this is why you will all be cat ladies, alone, old, wondering what happened to your life.

Bert Stone no one cares about women’s soccer, especially us women’s soccer, after they got beat by 15 year old lads lol. (in response to Megan Rapinoe post)

Michael VanordThe Professor Is In. Lmao. You buy a shirt about old white men from old white men. Not realizing that the old white men are selling that shirt just to take your money and laugh at you.

Mats Kalinka Kate Ouimette ain’t no one give a shit about your ploy for attention
They laugh derisively then you grit your teeth

Tony Diego Lol!!! You may think you’ve heard enough, that’s fine. But you’ll live under “old white men” policies.

Dominic Gallegos You haven’t heard enough. You just need to be put in your place.

John Paul Johnson The young white (and other races) men who fought for your freedom in places like Normandy would later become “old white men”. Do their thoughts and opinions not matter to you?

David Marc Grant Cool. Try creating a first world country without old white men and let us know how it goes. Japan seems to have pulled it off but that’s about it as far as I can tell.

Randall Ewing I cant wait until you’re old so your opinion wont matter anymore. Old white men were raised by old white women like you’re going to be.

Richard Kuehn Glad to know that ageism, sexism and racism is alive and well.
Let the left continue to eat itself.

Caleb Sc Banning and blocking = Modern day equivalent of book burning. You censor and silence anyone you disagree with.

Daniel Dickens I doubt there hasn’t been a single man walking the earth since the dawn of civilization that hasn’t heard enough quacking from a woman.

This is old news to us. The oldest.

Shane Savoie Yass, Queen! SLAYYYYY!
How weak does one have to feel, in order to see being an asshole to someone with the same(FU’d) values asa victory?
Eugene and Portland are NOT Oregon, BTW.

Tom Southall Cass Lynch He was perhaps irrelevant to call himself shaman but perhaps not. You invaded his identity by disrespectfully invading a belief system which proves. Every. Point. I. Just. Made. The extra periods ”prove” that according to some.

Felix Trotter Does she really believe that a letter writing campaign initiated by deeply concerned women would have defeated the Persians at Thermopylae? The Umayyad caliphate at Tours? The ottomans at Vienna? It is the patriarchy that has delivered us to this comfy place in history.

Comfy posting is a direct and proximate result of the Patriarchy

Ronald Pierantozzi The most treasured gift someone could ever give to you is their time. This is invaluable, not worth all the money on this planet. It is life they could never get back. I wouldn’t want to waste my time with you because you closed that door. “When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.” Old African proverb. And this is all this old white man has to say to you.

August Voidhardt sYsTeMaTiC oPpReSsIoN


Vincent Barie Ooga booga where da white wimminz at?

David Marc Grant You sound like you’re unhappy here. Maybe you’d like to start your own country without the people that built this one.

Ambular Encinias That’s why cats are your only friends.

Zylphia Sepiida Please pay attention, a mediocre middle aged woman wants attention and refuses to get it from any healthier source

Andrew Davis So dismissive of what The Reverend Dr. MLK jr proposed as the critical guidepost on the way to a better place. “Judge them not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Sorry professor I am with MLK jr on this one.

Logan Kienast Discrimination is only ok when its against whites. You claim mlk was on your side yet you ignore gis message. Hed be tirning in his grace at this shit

Micheal Howard On today’s edition of “Shit that never happened”

Also, I’ve never seen such an old snowflake survive so long in direct sunlight.

Rebecca Mahfouz Brand building with uncritical identity politics and frothy mouthed defense of the neoliberal status quo is a bad business.

What a shame. Thank God you’re escorting former academics to the corporate world and not actually teaching.

August Voidhardt No worries, Rebecca. Maybe some day she’ll realize how to run a business and reach broader audiences in order to make more money.

Until then I’m sure her second job at McDonald’s will help pay the bills ?

Tim Anderson Yep, dont listen to white guys ever. You probably dont vaccinate your kids because a white guy told you to.

David Marc Grant Because “muh inter-sectionalism”. These people are power hungry charlatans. They can’t obtain power based on merit so they use psychological manipulation and a bankrupt ideology to obtain collectively what they cannot individually.

Charles Johnsonstein I doubt it’s a problem you run into very frequently.

Bert Stone Danielle Somers you would have to be attractive for that and you’re not.

Gerald MillerThe Professor Is In. You’re going to need to post a pic without the shirt to prove that….. ??

JC BryanThe Professor Is In. Pathetically hashtagging someone who doesn’t give a shit what you think of them and will not give you a second thought does not change the fact they are correct. You can engage a dialogue with me or you can admit defeat by banning me, your choice.

Corey Abel What’s hilarious is that her belief in human and civil rights — old white men. Her belief in universal human dignity — old white men. Her belief in using reason to know herself — old white men. Her belief that public rallies make a difference — old white men. Her (possible) belief in civil disobedience — old white men. Her belief that there is such a thing as a social system that is oppressive — old white men. Her belief in historical progress — old white men. If she is actually a “prof”, her belief in the value of university education (whatever that means to her) — old white men. Optics, the English language, and the entire inventory of her soul — old white men.

OF COURSE, none of these were really and simply white (or necessarily old). They were French, German, Greek, Roman, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Chinese, Japanese, and on and on and on. And some were “brown” and some were women; to be sure. But she would need to read more history — some of which might be written by (ahem) “old white men” to understand this. I am ceaselessly amazed at the readiness of many on the left to surrender their entire civilizational inheritance, in a fit of pique, to a demographic that doesn’t even exist.

Steve Fernandes Professor of what, stupidity? That’s about all you’re qualified for from looking at this page and comments. Don’t bother responding with something you find witty, trust me it’s not, because I’ve already turned off further notifications2

Mark Roling I hope she can fix her own car

Mats Kalinka Stunning

Zach Samya Look at that nose!

Sean Saxon burn in hell where all kikes go… hahah fucking ugly bitch!!! look how big your fucking nose is?

Rose L. Xane [what follows until the *** is all one long thread from Xane]

Rose L Xane

Damn bitch you have so much sun damage put some fucking sunscreen on your white ass I can see your neck peeling starting to look like a old white man


1What white old man hurt you enough to make a T-shirt bitch


1Block me in the block my comments I’m going to keep writing them


1Damn bitch you have so much sun damage put some fucking sunscreen on your white ass I can see your neck peeling starting to look like a old white man


1You look hella burnt bitch



Rose L Xane

Damn bitch you have so much sun damage put some fucking sunscreen on your white ass I can see your neck peeling starting to look like a old white man


1Damn bitch you have so much sun damage put some fucking sunscreen on your white ass I can see your neck peeling starting to look like a old white man


1You ugly white bitch


1Damn bitch you have so much sun damage put some fucking sunscreen on your white ass I can see your neck peeling starting to look like a old white man


1Deleted my shirt cuz it’s true


1Old white bitch with aging skin


1U look like a banana


1Aging like a old white man


1Aging like a old white man


1Aging horribly


1Well then again


1You’re white


1Damn bitch you have so much sun damage put some fucking sunscreen on your white ass I can see your neck peeling starting to look like a old white man


1Damn bitch you have so much sun damage put some fucking sunscreen on your white ass I can see your neck peeling starting to look like a old white man


1Damn I bet it suck hating yourselfHonestly tho what old white man hurt youYour father??ProbablyTwins


1Look too much alike


1What’s wrong with you eyebrowThat sun damaged neck Please wear sunscreen your neck and face looks awful so burnt to aging old white women I mean man. AMOldWhiteWomenIma make a shirt of you on it and under will say old White womanI’m quick to delete my comments Block me bitch can’t handle the heat put on some sunscreen because your fucking face is sun damaged


1It’s like it gets worse and wrinkly when the shirt comes offGod your skin is terribleJust like an old white women



Rose L Xane



1That aging neck omgGrossYou know I don’t got to worry about hurting you cause a sun fucked your shit up sis




Thomas Bérard You might be oppressed but I tell you what

them titties ain’t?

Avalon Al-KekistaniTwo What boobs? I see your picture, they are nothing to write home about.

Howlandicus Maximus You have some pretty rockin’ tits doc’. I would def poke.

Ryan Aalberg Peak boomer cringe


Michael D. Abbott Eight year old logic.

Michael D. Abbott Dad is mean!

Matthew DiFrancesco And the sidewalks clapped

Zee Plant Get used to Trump till Jan. 2025

Pankaj Pandit Attention seeker

Dustin Northwood So STUNNING and BRAVE I bet everyone CLAPPED

James Busby Stunning and brave

Ivan Gene Johnson Sooo stunning, and brave ???

Dylan Tyler Stunning and brave

Joey Taylor Of course she’s a professor…

Yakob Loots#anotherliberalmiddleagedwhitewomenfromcali

Glen Daniels I’d like to thank the anti-white hags glad-handing each other for being undesirable in this thread for confirming every reason I have to support patriarchy, race-realism, and willingness to fight in any oncoming civil war. Thank you. Hopefully you all will continue to marginalize yourselves out of sane society before the rest of us are forced to do it for you. ?

[Name not copied] You are a hateful person. You need to learn how to love——— white men.

We built our universities, our civilization, our science, our law, our medicine, our everything.

The least you could do is have an ounce of gratitude.

But you won’t because you let hate into your heart.

Tom Southall Then assert positive message rather than slur an entire class, to say nothing of appalling ageism. Men are through with meekly accepting these general calumnies. I am not an old hippie and I have always opposed concentration camps.

Jacob Hayward Nobody cares if the old white lady doesn’t like old white men. Especially when the old white lady is Professor dumbass here. Being racist and ageist helps nobody. Don’t judge by race,age,sex, or any other classifications, judge by people by the merits of their actions.

Uknow Topher Draft women like yourself first for the next war. No matter the outcome it’s a win/win.

Enward Hardarr Lol ok Oven Dodger ?1

Marc Chadwick Im a young man, and you should listen to me. shut up and stop spreading this poision. ?

Nick PerksDev Robinson who is this old white man with the silly T-shirt?

Alec Szigeti this is the most boomery boomerpost I’ve ever seen in my life lmao

Charles QuintanillaI’ll take “Things That Never Happened” for 500, Alex

Greg Robertswhy are boomers like this

Joe SarmentoOf all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.

Mark Simmonswhat a weird thing to lie about1

Ben Connellyand then everyone stood up and clapped1

Jacob Hayward Nobody cares if the old white lady doesn’t like old white men. Especially when the old white lady is Professor dumbass here. Being racist and ageist helps nobody. Don’t judge by race,age,sex, or any other classifications, judge by people by the merits of their actions.

Dan Coughlan I’ve heard enough from fake victim complex privileged white women

Joey Christian Roland I’ve heard enough from crybaby white liberals

Dora Lucija O’Matich I’ve heard enough from old racist feminazi bitches.

Fred McCarty I’ve heard my fill from nagging nags.

Walter Kurtz Oy vey how many shekels for the T-shirt?1

Luca Spencer Yeah fuck you old white men for fighting, putting your life on the line and watching friends die in our wars to protect our way of life and the freedom of expression of which I am currently using to blame you all based on the colour of your skin thus incriminating myself as a hypocrite.

Raymond Stanger We are tired of hearing you immigrants telling us your better bc you can hop a border and steal from old white dudes

Steve Philly Since when do we allow mentally ill people to teach in our schools?

Brian Gloskey What a retard, I’ve heard enough from old white women

Johnie Harper I’ve seen enough from ugly white women

Brandon Binder Shut up commie

Bert Stone I’ve heard enough from old commie jew women.

Taylor Somers I’ve heard enough from self-righteous goblins6

E Pluribus Unum Lili Marlene we cant be oppressed.. we are better than you

E Pluribus Unum You would be living in a cave, with no electricity, vaccinations, television, electronics, buildings, freedom….shall I continue?

Avesta Dayeny No one gives a shit what you think or say you dumb retarded spineless liberal cunt

Tyler Paddock Williams IV You’ve heard enough from white men. We’ve heard enough from post-menopausal Jewesses LARPing as revolutionaries. And before you accuse me of antisemitism, I would just like to point out that it is impossible for white people tk be antisemitic because antisemitism is prejudice + power. We have no institutional power over Jews but Jews have institutional power over whites. Mori Osborne

Daniel Meredith You will never see an attractive woman in a shirt like this. Just salty cows

Tony ES People who are anti racists are the ones who have the racist tendencies.

James Hall Lol what a harpy

Michael Bochenek Imagine being rejected by men so often that you have to do this to get attention.

Eric Lopez You’re a vile racist ?merchant

Goran Leši? Go live in the Kongo, you fucking mongo LOL

Jason Carter I’ve heard enough from agist sexist cunts with chips on their shoulders

Matthew Murphy She’s one of those rich private school girls that hates her dad because her brothers going to take over the family company and only getting a few million in inheritance makes her an oppressed minority. She can’t even ugh.

Ambular Encinias I get it you’re a feminazi, who probably cucks her husband, or wife, whatever…

Gino DiGioia It’s extra funny because I’m sitting in the labor and delivery room at the hospital with my wife right now.

Remember, the left *always* projects. It’s as though this lady thinks that just because she’s an unlovable pig with a barren womb, then all of her critics must be in that same state, or worse.?

Kenneth Kaczor Barun VonDarun Honestly, it looks like she’s angry because she runs a (in my opinion, going by the description, useless) consulting business and isn’t getting enough white men bucks to afford another pair of cat-eye glasses which is causing her to angrily lash out in a rather entitled manner. Or maybe she’s being politically provocative that way all of our favorite large corporations are and is trying to get people angrily sharing her comments to get attention. Most of all, I see a lot of projecting in her apparently mentally imbalanced posting–it’s clear she has some deep anger over relationships issues and might be lashing out over loneliness or something, but I’m just making an educated guess there. Either way, it’s kind of pathetic.

It’s clear she’s deeply troubled, and I kind of feel sorry for her, even if she’s angrily posting it’s clear she’s hurting inside.

Raymond Ramirez Still can’t figure out how to deal with your daddy issues, can you?

Marc Chadwick Im a young man, and you should listen to me. shut up and stop spreading this poision. ?

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Esteemed Gentlemen of the Internet: — 2 Comments

  1. Good lord: I’m sorry this has happened to you. This is terrible. It’s good to record just the extent of the hate — the amount is so telling in itself. The times we live in…

  2. Your post is hilarious and the parallels to Silvia Federici’s discussion of the European witch hunts in _Caliban and the Witch_ is astounding. The desire of insecure and precarious men to blame women & their bodies (along with Jews) for the impending demise of society is a good 600-700 hundred years old. The fear that a t-shirt can inspire in the hearts of these men (who insist that no one cares) is really quite remarkable. How dare you suggest that you don’t care about their opinions… I mean, really, what else do they have to offer now that women can join the ranks of the military, become engineers, and even procreate without a man. No wonder they’re shitting their pants.

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