#MakeupMonday – Old Navy Jumpsuit, Parts II AND III, Ann Arbor Edition

I must say when I started The Professor Is In I didn’t expect to spend so much of my time blogging about a jumpsuit.

However, there is more to say. (And yes I’m aware today is Thursday but in my defense I just finished three marvelous but tiring 8 hour days of talks and 1-1 coaching on the U of Michigan campus).

First: just when you thought the Old Navy Breathe ON Jumpsuit (about which I have blogged repeatedly, and which by the way, has been restocked!) couldn’t get any better, they come out with a Breathe-ON cinched wrap in matching fabric (matching the dark and light grey that is). Throw this wrap over the jumpsuit, and you transform it from a Spring-Summer item to a Fall-Winter. You also have a supremely comfortable item for the crap-shoot that is flying: too hot? It’s breathable and loose and balls up into a tiny, non-wrinkling ball to shove into your bag. Too cold? Grab it and put it on, and it comes out of the bag as fresh as when it went in! Also cozy for sleeping in.

Some more pics:

Second: today the jumpsuit got put to the ultimate Karen travel test. First off, there are the facts about Karen that have to be mentioned, to wit, I am a person who:

  1. gets a peanut butter and jelly donut with my coffee in Ann Arbor
  2. bites into the donut and immediately releases a massive glob of jelly onto the table
  3. fails to notice that half that jelly actually has fallen onto my lap and the chair
  4. gets up to get a napkin to wipe the jelly off the table without realizing I am dragging my left leg through the jelly on the chair
  5. notices a mass of now-smeared jelly on the chair when I get back
  6. deduces that — ONCE AGAIN — I have managed to smear my food all over my outfit, in this case, all over the butt and legs of my Old Navy Jumpsuit.
  7. has at hand only one small square dry Espresso Royale napkin.

Friends, I used that napkin, and discreetly at the table (because I didn’t want to walk through the coffee shop with jelly on my butt), wiped the jelly off the leg and behind of my jumpsuit.

Et voila:

nary a mark

That jelly just…. ROLLED OFF the fabric. You can see a few specks of white paper napkin, but absolutely no jelly.

So, while I didn’t plan to keep blogging about the jumpsuit, circumstances gave me no choice.

If you haven’t tried this jumpsuit yet, especially for travel, I once again I recommend it. (And for those who have not followed the lively FB dialogue from previous posts, it’s a cinch to roll down in a tiny aircraft lavatory, and the performance fabric is so springy it never loses its shape even after a 12 hour travel day.)

Bonus tip: The Walgreens in Ann Arbor is one of only 11 locations in the country to feature in-store BirchBox cosmetic sign up and stock. Ie, you can BUY BirchBox IN STORE, and not just one option, but several different options, as well as a special “Create Your Own Box” using samples that they have right there on hand.

Beyond that (and maybe related, I’m not sure) the Walgreens features a sizable selection of prestige and indie cosmetics, skin and hair care on regular sale–>

I found an Eyeko (remember–my favorite brand!) Brow Marker, a Love Of Color Glowsquad Quad highlighter combo and a Lipstick Queen RearView Mirror Lipcolor that were all, actually and without hyperbole, revelatory. The Eyeko Brow Marker fills in my brow gap (where I pull out hair due to life-long trichotillomania) with an effortless naturalness that I’ve never before encountered in any product. The LOC highlighter finally threads that needle between over-shiny and invisible on my skin while also not being too silver/cold or too champagne/pink or too glimmer/gold (Goldilocks, anyone?) but just a perfect delicate flush, and the Rear View Mirror lipcolor, which I bought ENTIRELY on a whim just for the bright fuscia color, turns out to ACTUALLY STAY ON THROUGH MEALS WHILE ALSO BEING HIGH-GLOSS AND HIGH-PIGMENT. I did not believe this was possible, and that’s after spending a fortune on the ill-fated Prestige/Luxury Berry-colored Lipcolor debacle (scroll back for posts).

Honestly I’m still reeling a bit from the whole thing. I went back to Walgreens before leaving, and got a neutral color (downside, there are only 8 colors in total) which is what I’m wearing below. Sorry for the weird selfie but I was self-conscious and rushing in the Airport Lufthansa Lounge.

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#MakeupMonday – Old Navy Jumpsuit, Parts II AND III, Ann Arbor Edition — 2 Comments

  1. I love that style of jumpsuit and made my own recently (for those of you who sew, the Zadie Jumpsuit pattern by Threat Theory is fantastic). But I don’t really know how to wear the short/wide leg style in winter! I get cold legs just looking at it. Any ideas?

    Also, the donut rolled right off because that jumpsuit is 98% polyester, i.e. plastic. Of course, if you get a zillion wears out of it and once jumpsuit is a substitute for 10 other ready to wear items that you ended up not buying, it’s maybe still a good choice, but you might want to mention that the fabric isn’t really great sustainability-wise.

    • Excellent point. All those “Performance” fabrics are basically plastic sustainability wise. Thanks for pointing that out.

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