Breaking Down the Fit Question

Today is another breakdown of a point of continued confusion among our Interview clients: the dreaded FIT question. Once again, I will walk you through a post that we assign for Interview Intervention clients, that clients struggle to put into practice. In this case: The Dreaded Fit Question Comes First, by Kel Weinhold.

Just like last week, when I broke down how to describe a course in an interview, I will dig into the places we see our clients fall into misunderstandings, and offer you ways to correct them.

Makeup look: In addition to my usual products, some Indie brand experiments –

  • Wander Beauty Mile-High Mascara (love it!)
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  • RMS Beauty Hidden Desire Palette

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  1. LOVE that videos are included on your website! Across all of your platforms, and in your book, the content is so relevant and useful. Thank you!! I share your links with all my colleagues. Keep up the fantastic work because it’s making a difference for so many of us.

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