How to Set Up Your Home Studio

This is the post that should have gone up on Friday! Sorry, Passover and Easter (we celebrate both), not to mention…uh… {gestures at everything} got in the way.

So, last week’s podcast episode was called Digital Primer for Online Work, and it walks you through setting up your home studio for online classes or campus visits, based on the many years of experience Kel and I have doing online work and talks.

Here we are recording it! Give it a listen!

Don’t forget the awesome ring light option that we’ve mentioned before! Here’s Kel’s home studio (minus Kel).

A reader also kindly shared her own suggestions for an effective set-up last week, so I’m using this post to share those as well. She wanted everyone to know that with just a few items, you can create the illusion of an effective, professional recording environment.

Here’s her setup.

Here’s what she looks like to students.

And here’s what she is using.

Good luck, everyone. Remember, it’s fine to just do the bare minimum at every last damned thing in your life right now. Stay safe.

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