Introducing Webinar: “What You Need To Know Now About the Tenure Track Job Market”

This month I’m launching into a new platform–the webinar. June 26 and 27 I will be offering an inaugural 90 minute webinar, titled “What You Need to Know Now About the Tenure Track Job Market.”

In this webinar, I walk you through the conditions of the current American job market, the most common mistakes made by job-seekers, and the ways you can maximize your chances of success while looking for a tenure-track job.

As many of you may know, I had to discontinue initial skype consultations with new clients this past month, due to overwhelming demand. I took this step to balance my business and my home life, so that my kids no longer have to come in to my home office at 7 PM and ask, “Mommy, are you STILL working?”

It is my hope that webinar technology allows me to offer a service that can still offer some immediate and personal interactive elements, even while not individualized.

I hope to expand these in an ongoing monthly schedule, offering targeted support for the evolving stages and deadlines of the standard American academic job market calendar. This inaugural webinar this month will gauge the interest among all of you, Dear Readers, out there in the cybersphere!

We’ll cover:

*The big-picture conditions of the U.S. tenure track job market
*How to think like a search committee
*The four core qualities of a successful tenure track job candidate
*The Cover Letter: why yours probably sucks, and how to fix it
*The CV and Teaching Statement: common mistakes
*The three keys to academic interviewing
*Negotiating basics

Includes limited time for Q and A with Dr. Karen.


The 2 time options (you have to choose one):

Tuesday June 26 4 PM Pacific/7 PM EST/23:00 GMT

Wednesday June 27 8 AM Pacific/11 AM EST/15:00 GMT

The cost is: $100

Here’s how you sign up: Click –> The Prof Shop page of The Professor Is In website. The Webinar is listed first; simply click on “Add to Cart.” Finish checkout through Paypal. Once finished, you’ll be automatically directed to a dedicated registration form, that gives you more info, and an access code for the day of the event.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask me at This is new technology for me, and we’ll figure it out together.

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