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For those who know you’ll be on the job market in Fall 2019, I am offering two services over the next two months that may be of help.

These are limited time services, and only available between now and end of March; once all the available slots fill, they’ll be finished (until Spring 2020, that is!)

The Spring 3-Document Package is a discounted rate to help you get the core job application documents done well in advance of the Fall rush. And of course, it does also prepare you for any late-breaking openings you happen to encounter this Spring.

The CV Strategizing Service is something I offer each year to help you get a candid review of your CV now, to be able to identify any gaps or red flags, and make a plan to address them for next Fall.

Read below for details. And, by the way, like I do every Spring semester, I am offering limited slots for Individual Consulting by email or skype. I’ll help you think through dilemmas and worries related to the job market, your record, publishing anxieties, teaching and grad student concerns, strategizing your next job, departmental politics, dealing with abusive situations and sexual harassment, third year review, tenure and promotion, moving mid-career, administrative options, and more. Please email me if you want to learn more about that, at

You can find info on all three on The Prof Shop Page, as always!

**Spring 3-Document Package**

Get your core job application documents edited this Spring at a special reduced rate of $380. I offer this special package to encourage folks to get help early for Fall 2019 (and to catch those late season Spring openings). Done separately, these three documents normally cost $450.

This package normally includes work on your Cover Letter, CV, and Teaching Statement.

This reduced rate only comes once a year!

Fine Print: Once you make the purchase, email Karen to set a start date on the calendar. You will submit one document at a time, beginning with your cover letter. Expect the entire process to take about 1 month. If you want to request a different set of documents, please email me at to discuss.


**CV Strategizing Service**

What you do in the next six months is critical for your competitiveness on next year’s academic job market. In this short-term service that I offer each Spring, I examine and evaluate your CV for any gaps, weaknesses or red flags, and help you create a plan to remedy them in time for the Fall 2019 job market.


**After you purchase this Session you must email me, Karen, at to set a date on the calendar for the work to begin.

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I am a former tenured professor at two institutions--University of Oregon and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I have trained numerous Ph.D. students, now gainfully employed in academia, and handled a number of successful tenure cases as Department Head. I've created this business, The Professor Is In, to guide graduate students and junior faculty through grad school, the job search, and tenure. I am the advisor they should already have, but probably don't.

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