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With the pandemic, we are doing all we can to provide help for anxious job seekers. Since not everyone follows us on social media or the newsletter, you may not know all of what we are up to. So here’s a quick summary! (And: you should subscribe to the newsletter! Every issue comes with a discount on some event or product. Do it here:


I know a lot of you are still hoping to try for the academic job, and that’s ok. There probably won’t be many jobs advertised, but if there are some in your field–by all means apply! On that front, we are offering help.

Tomorrow and next Thursday I’m bringing back my two-part How To Apply for the Academic Job webinar series.

Part I is on the Cover Letter and CV. Part II is on the Teaching and Research Statements. This is the only time I’ll offer them this year!

Again, you get access to the recordings even if you can’t make the live events as long as you register. Find them on the WEBINARS page. Also on that page you’ll see Hacking the Academic Job Market webinar coming up in two weeks time.

In recognition of the financial struggle right now, we are also offering – for the first time ever –  a New Client Buy One Get One Half Off August Special.

If you are a new editing client, you can get on the calendar to work with us on two job document full edits for only $270, instead of the regular $360. If you’ve ever been curious about working with us, now it your chance to try it out.

While you can do any of the following docs with us – Cover Letter, CV, Teaching Statement, Research Statement, Sample Syllabus, Diversity Statement — I’d urge you to do the CV and CL! Because, as I explain in tomorrow’s webinar, those are without question the heavy lifters of the academic job application, and the docs that really, really need to shine.

Also: given the almost total collapse of academic hiring, we are offering the webinar Going Postac In a Pandemic: Moving On with a PhD in a Time of Stress, on a bi-weekly basis, and reduced the rate to $35. This webinar starts at the grief, loss, anger and fear that comes with letting go of your tenure-track dream, and then guides you through all the ways to identify and embrace the many, many skills you probably don’t realize you have, and then connect them to the kinds of jobs that exist outside the narrow confines of the academy. I absolutely love this webinar.

[As we have noted elsewhere–we know you’re struggling! and we are also a small business with staff that rely 100% on the income they make from The Professor Is In. So, reducing our rates is the way we are trying to balance obligations to struggling job seekers and our vulnerable staff.]

We are also offering a newly expanded and updated webinar, Starting Your Own Consulting (Or Other) Small Business.. In a Pandemic. This jam-packed two-hour webinar doesn’t just walk you through the nuts and bolts of conceiving of and launching a small business, but also addresses the emotional elements around risk-taking, shame about money, and embracing the identity of business-owner, AND features inspiring stories and advice from 20 fellow PhDs who have gone on to start their own businesses. This webinar is a true labor of love for me – I want every PhD to understand just how entrepreneurial you really can be!

You get the recordings of all webinars as long as you register.

And, all of the webinars I’ve mentioned, and many others, are available in recorded form as well!

Find them here on the WEBINAR RECORDINGS PAGE.

Beyond all of this, we continue to offer our weekly podcast episodes that try and share a little uplift to your week in these hard times. We offer advice on the job search, interviews with amazing people, and intersectional discussions of racism, sexism, homophobia and more, in the academy.

And know that if you need help, and can’t afford our posted rates, we absolutely will talk with you to try and make a financial arrangement you can afford. We know you’re struggling. While we are a small business trying to make our way in this downturn (and yes, we’ve taken a hit), we want to support you however we can. So please reach out to talk to us:

Last: if you think your department might like to host Karen or Kel for a professionalization or productivity virtual talk or workshop, by all means get in touch! While there is little that is good about this COVID situation, the opportunity to offer virtual events at campuses across the country at affordable rates is not terrible.

So, all this to say, we’re thinking of you, and hoping you are staying safe and ok. And remember: it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, forgetful, distracted, irritable, depressed, and scared. Those are all normal feelings for the moment we are in.

About Karen Kelsky

I am a former tenured professor at two institutions--University of Oregon and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I have trained numerous Ph.D. students, now gainfully employed in academia, and handled a number of successful tenure cases as Department Head. I've created this business, The Professor Is In, to guide graduate students and junior faculty through grad school, the job search, and tenure. I am the advisor they should already have, but probably don't.

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